Fashion-Forward Baby Gear: The New Sling and Backpack Carriers

March 22, 2009 by  
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Slings and homemade harnesses have been used for thousands of years when carrying baby while performing chores. These slings may carry baby in the front or on the back of mom or dad, and are currently a hugely popular baby gear item. No longer considered old and outdated, these fabric baby carriers are now designed with safety and style in mind.

The fabric that slings are made of is typically nylon or another nylon blend. This allows them to flex and bend to form to baby’s body, as well as remain comfortable for the carriers. Not only do slings provide an intimate and comforting form of carrying the baby around, but it will also exchange vital body heat in the colder months to keep baby warm.

Basic sling styles are very fashionable, but the designs and themes used in the fabric designs are never-ending. Some styles vary a tiny bit and reflect Eastern influences, using tried-and-true methods of transporting baby without needing a separate piece of hardware.

Wraps are fashioned as a modern take on ancient Asian baby carrying methods, and wrap around the caretaker’s back and waist. This makes the sling not only comfortable and sturdy, but helps to distribute the weight well enough to prevent hurting the caretaker’s back.

Backpack styles are a little more modern looking. Built in a standard harness fashion, they look much like the backpacks we wore to school everyday, but with holes for the legs and top half of the baby. A strap secures around the caretaker’s waist for added support. Baby can be worn on the stomach or back, depending on if he needs to be comforted or prefers to watch everything going on around him.

No matter where the baby is carried, he can also be turned toward or away from mom or dad. Each adult will probably have their own preference in wearing the carrier for weight distribution purposes, and these backpack styles allow each user to change the method.

Backpack carriers are built with a stronger frame and with strength in mind. These may be more ideal for older and heavier babies for safer transport. Attached pockets also allow for storing much-needed baby gear while on the go, and the harness strap system is just as safe as baby’s car seat mechanism.

Once baby is able to sit up on his own, he’ll probably prefer to explore the world around him and stimulate his senses. Backpack carriers are the best choice at this point. Earlier in a baby’s life, when he loves to be swaddled, a sling may be a better option. Most new parents will place both types on their baby gear wishlist for showers and other gifts.

Backpack and sling designs are available in a multitude of colors and patterns to match the other baby gear in tow. Little boys like the cars and puppy dogs, and little girls prefer ballerinas or kittens. Coordinate your new sling or backpack carrier with other baby gear to continue your design theme and remain as stylish as ever.