Diapers For Your Baby

March 16, 2009 by  
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One of the largest business sectors in the Western World is that of baby diapers. These days, more than 95% of all parents use disposable baby diapers, which are easy to use and handier than cloth diapers! And what parents love about them is that there’s no washing of disposable diapers after use!

Disposable diapers first appeared on the market in the 40s, but took quite a bit of time to catch on, because they were very costly for the common man. Also, at that time, rich folks had quality baby care servants who did the laundering, so there was no point in buying disposable diapers. Another major disadvantage was that all baby diapers were manufactured in one size, which meant that they leaked a lot because of the improper fit.

In the 50s, disposable diapers caught on with the rich because they now came in different sizes catering to all babies. With the common man, disposable diapers only came in vogue in the mid 70s when the prices of all plastic products including diapers dropped! After this, there was no looking back, and cloth diapers were thought to be old-fashioned and unhygienic!

As the decades pass, so does the quality of disposable baby diapers improve! These days, there are different baby diapers for baby boys and baby girls. What’s more, they are extremely light-weight and more absorbent! Baby diapers which are environmentally friendly are more popular than those which aren’t. This is why most of the biggest producers of baby diapers such as Pampers manufacture environment-conscious diapers.

In fact, more and more parents are shifting back to cloth diapers for various reasons. One of these is the pertinent fact of increase in garbage all over the West. Another is the aspect of environment-friendliness. What these parents do not consider is the tremendous amount of resources they spend for washing cloth diapers: water, electricity and detergent!

However, diaper companies are also taking into account these parents who are going back to cloth diapers. These days, cloth diapers are much softer and easily washable, with cute colors and patterns. Cloth diaper pins are also much cuter! What’s more, most cloth diapers come with fastening buttons and Velcro, so there’s no real need for diaper pins!

Some cloth diapers have a disposable liner, which makes them much easier to use. Also, babies who wear cloth diapers get toilet-trained much faster, because they know how uncomfortable it is to be in a wet diaper! Babies wearing cloth diapers also tend to feel the wetness and wake up wanting to get changed.

Cloth diapers are better than other diapers as they are cause less irritation to a baby’s skin. Babies today tend to get skin problems such as eczema, so the type of baby diapers they wear really matters. This is where parents need to make the right choice of what baby diaper to buy for their baby!