Choosing the Right Baby Gear for Storage in the Nursery

March 19, 2009 by  
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As a new parent, the nursery will be a place that you spend most of your time – free or not. Past generations considered this room merely a place to care for and nurse a new baby, but modern nurseries demand a level of style and comfort not seen before; this requires plenty of user-friendly baby gear that is both functional and stylish.

Diapers will be one of the most dealt with items in your baby’s life. Having a place to store and dispose of them is of utmost importance to cut down on unneeded clutter and germ transmission. This is where a proper diaper bin comes in to play.

Modern diaper bins offer an air-tight area to keep odor from traveling throughout the entire house before trash or laundry day. Most bins are made of an easy-to-clean plastic or nylon that can also be simply sprayed or wiped down with disinfectant to eliminate nasty germs and dirt.

New diapers are easily stored in a fashionable box or basket. New parents need this baby gear to both hide the diapers from plain view until needed, as well as keep them free from contaminants. For this purpose, consider a wicker-style basket or modern metal box. Covers and liners can be ordered or fashioned to match a variety of nursery themes and décor.

Purchasing several of these matching baskets or boxes also gives a great storage place for toys or other play items during the baby’s first years. Be sure to choose a design that will remain functional for the next several months. Compartmentalized boxes will also store audio CDs for relaxing and soothing sounds during feeding or bed time.

These boxes can also be coordinated with modern nursing kits to complete the baby gear needed in the nursery. Within this nursing kit, you will need the following:

• Digital thermometer: Your mother probably used a mercury thermometer that is rarely used today due to the toxic properties of this metal. A modern digital thermometer is virtually indestructible, and is quick and easy to use when you must check baby’s temperature.

• Iodine/Antibacterial spray: Although this is probably already in your medicine cabinet, this should also be included in your baby gear nursing kit for quick and easy access when you need it.

• Band-aids: After using the antibacterial spray, you’ll want easy access to special tiny band-aids to stop the bleeding and encourage healing.

• Nasal aspirator: Keep this in the nursery boxes to store them away from germy and bacteria-ridden bathroom items.

• Medicine dropper: In the unavoidable case that your baby will need medicine from time to time, keeping a medicine dropper within easy reach allows you to give him his prescription while attentive and on the changing table.
After choosing the ideal storage boxes and baskets for diapers and your baby’s first aid kit, your nursery baby gear will maintain functionality and fluidity throughout for a streamlined design.