Baby Gear That Makes Bath Time Fun and Easy

March 18, 2009 by  
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Bathing is extremely important for people of all ages, but it sometimes can seem like quite a chore with a little one. Several advanced baby gear items available today make bathing your baby easy for virtually any member of the family and fun for everyone involved.

Fortunately for the new parents, newborns only require only a sponge bath during the first few months of life. With all the other things they need to worry about, this is perhaps the easiest part of bringing a new baby home.

After the baby reaches a few months of age and can sit up and support his own head, bath time becomes a little more interesting. Special bathtubs are an ideal baby gear item that are specially made for the precious cargo they’re made to keep safe.

The tubs can easily fit within the kitchen sink or bathtub, come equipped with a safety drain, and are built to withstand virtually any type of abuse they may come across. Most models will also have the added safety feature of being designed to prevent any accidental tilting or turning over.

Look for a bath that fits in the tub for extended use. Manufacturers are also making models which include a handy seat built into it. As baby gets older, you may want to consider a simple chair-like insert so he can really enjoy the tub. As always, safety is of utmost importance, so make sure any tub or insert you buy meets or exceeds every standard possible.

For protecting baby from burn risks or hurting himself on the bathtub’s hardware, there are helpful screen inserts available to separate his bathing area from these safety concerns. This way, mom and dad have complete control over the temperature and level of water without interference.

Babies need tons of bath time baby gear items from hygienic tools to toys that keep them occupied and happy. These can make the bathtub seem very crowded when they’re placed alongside mom and dad’s shampoo, too.

Consider installing a shelf or box made of sturdy plastic that attaches to the corner of the shower via suction cups. This can store baby shampoo, lotion, bubble bath, cotton balls and baby oil in the same place within easy reach.

Toys are very important during bath time to keep baby happy and from becoming upset about mom giving him his much-needed bath. Most babies enjoy playing in the water, but several bath time toys are available to make this time more valuable to help him learn and advance his development.

Rubber blocks in all shapes and sizes are pliable, water-safe and brightly colored to help him learn about color and textures. Books are also made with kid-friendly pictures that are waterproof or equipped with noisemakers.

Bath toys can be made as part of the bath seat as well. Some bath chairs are available with a built-in horn or squeaky button that can keep your baby occupied during the entire time in the bath.