Baby Toys

Baby Toys For Your Baby-From Infant To Toddler

All parents know that their babies like to play! Whether they are infants or toddlers, babies just love playing! As babies grow, they want to learn more about the new world they are in by touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and sensing! At their age, there is no differentiation between learning new things and enjoying themselves. This is where baby toys come into the picture!

Activity gyms tap into a baby’s potential for endless fascination by tapping, kicking, squirming and jolting, all in the name of fun! Riding toys also entertain whilst serving to expend their natural energy. Exploring is what babies do best, and this is best done in a safe environment with lots of colorful toys, such as a playard! Young babies also require play mats which allow them to move along at their own pace on colorful platforms that are extremely safe and sound. All these activities are developing their minds, and at the same time improving eye-hand coordination and motor control faculties.

Action figure toys are especially popular with kids, who love enacting scenes and jumping and running around with their much loved superhero! Some of the popular action figure toys include Spiderman with his crime-fighting excitement or Elmo with whom they can learn their ABCs.

When you take your baby outside, occupy her with a toy that will make her more inclined to smile than to be fussy! Whether you’re going in a car or a stroller, take along a favorite toy which is attachable to either. You’ll find your baby being entertained without you having to fuss!

You can even buy a mobile baby mobile, which attaches itself onto the stroller or car seat, and is easily folded up when required! Baby mobiles which are portable normally have toys which can be attached on to the bar: ideal for transport! And at home, the same mobile can be attached in the nursery, directly over the crib!

Musical toys help the baby to develop sound recognition and differentiation, pattern recognition and other mental skills as they laugh along with the music. Babies know when they’re having fun, and music is always, always fun!

Building blocks and building sets such as Lego are imperative for babies who are growing older. They can use them to build a medieval tower, a Star Wars Cantina or even a Roman bridge. How exciting! Building blocks range in complexity from large blocks for younger babies to smaller ones as babies grow up.

Electronic baby toys are all the rage today. Babies in today’s world start learning about ways to have fun and learn with DVDs, Computer games, computer toys, videos and the like at a very young age!

Learning toys aid children in both learning as well as entertainment! Babies are given toys which continuously fascinate and educate, all at the same time! Here, there is so much choice that any parent will have a hard time picking out the right toys for their babies. Baby toys that teach colors, numbers, letters and shapes are available at most toy stores and are lots of fun for the kids!

Science toys such as dinosaurs, planets, butterflies, magnets and stars are another favorite. You’ll be surprised at how fast young children can be when it comes to learning exciting stuff in biology, geography and the like. Science toys also provide lots of continual enjoyment for the young ones.

At the end of the baby’s day, a nice warm bath is essential before bedtime. This is where dunk the Ducky and Squirt the Pelican come into the picture! Fun is a never-ending process for babies, as they sail their tiny boats in the tub!

Looking at the assortment of baby toys in any toy store today, you’ll wish you were a kid again. Baby toys are just so much fun!

Dolls And Stuffed Toys For Your Baby’s Entertainment!

Dolls and stuffed baby toys are the cutest and cuddliest toys a baby can ever have! What’s more, these baby toys are also essentially educational!

Let’s take a look at the entire assortment of mechanical and musical animal toys that are on the market today! A stuffed lion that plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when wound up is bound to have your child gurgling in glee. Our lion’s friend, the Zebra, plays Rock-a-Bye Baby as it is cuddled to your little baby’s body! Then comes the musical soft elephant from Africa. There’s no doubt that your child will find it hard to pick a favorite!

The Snugapuff Puppy is more than just a soft toy dog; it’s an essential for your baby! Its satin ears make for great listening of baby talk, and it acts as a mix of a cuddly pillow, a valued friend and a wonderful sight for your baby! Gund, on the other hand, is one playful puppy that is ready for any adventures at any time. What’s more, it’s machine washable.

Another favorite baby toy is the Sing-Along Tiger Mom and Baby. Two toys in one, the Mommy Tiger can pose in more than a dozen postures with its movable limbs as it sings to its offspring, while a twist of Baby Tiger’s head has it growling in mock anger! The Sing-Along Elephant Mom and Baby are also hot favorites, and can easily be placed on the toy shelf, since they are only about six inches high!

Other mother and child toys include the Sprouts and Sprites Bears, which are very soft and delightfully squashy! What differentiates these from the other mom and baby dual toys is the pouch for the baby bear! Granted, bears aren’t kangaroos! But bears can wear coats with pockets perfect for their young ones to slip into. Sprouts and Sprites Bears are really quite comfortable and usually enjoy pride of place in your baby’s crib!

If you’re getting a soft toy, buy one which has all three essential characteristics: Colorful, Fun and Educational! A perfect example is the Lamaze Stage One Musical Inchworm, which is goofily green, blue and orange in color. With markings showing the length of the different sections, this Inchworm has amazing sounds to go with the delightful colors.

The colors change with textures, which develops color recognition and texture recognition in your baby! The Inchworm also has a full musical cacophony of exciting rattles, jingle, squeaks, squeals and crinkling sounds. And when the baby squeezes the Inchworm’s head, guess what happens? It bursts into song and makes funny faces! Isn’t it awesome? The whole package is guaranteed to get a laugh out of your child!

A perfect example of an educational toy that is also mega fun and amusing is the Learn-Along Leap Frog. When you press or squeeze its belly, it’ll start singing a song about the alphabet. Its soft squishy body and wrinkled feet will draw the baby towards it. This toy is also quite mobile, with a safe band at the back which enables it to be attached to a stroller or car seat or beach umbrella and so on.

All babies are big fans of dolls and soft toys. And if you purchase some that are both fun and educational, your baby benefits, as do you!