Cellulite Treatments

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You can identify whether a person has cellulite by pinching an area of skin tissue. If the skin dimples or has a rippling appearance similar to orange peel, then they probably have it. Cellulite is also a lot more noticeable when the skin is cold.

The build-up of cellulite can be reduced by a healthy diet and exercise. Keeping the body well hydrated and avoiding an excess of alcohol and coffee are a strong recommendation as these are among the worst offenders for causing cellulite.

Smoking and diuretic pills, laxative and diet pills also enhance the likelihood of developing cellulite when taken on a regular basis. Salt should also be kept to a bare minimum due to the fact it causes water retention. Exercise is also the key for good condition and the fight against cellulite problems. A good exercise regime is probably half the battle when fighting cellulite.

Most topical applications obtainable on the market do not exclusively treat cellulite although they create a smoother texture by making the skin look plumper and smoother. This effect is only temporary however and it will require you to use constant applications of creams and potions to keep up the effects. This can prove costly and time consuming.

The dimpling effect of cellulite can be reduced by using creams which contain Aminophylline. This is a bronchodilator that causes a chemical reaction which enables the fat cells to be changed into fatty acids which are able to slide through the walls of the cells into the bloodstream. These creams should be used quickly and sparingly and also kept away from heat.

The skin’s quality can also be improved by retinols and Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are found in some lotions. The elimination of the surface layer of dead skin cells can be speeded up by using cellulite lotions containing lactic acid and glycolic acid. This method is increasingly being used to fight cellulite problems in many beauty salons, however they come at a price!

Creams to treat cellulite also contain Vitamin A derivatives or Retinoids which are applied at night time since daylight destroys Retinol. Although it is debated whether Retinol is efficient at removing cellulite, it is also used to improve the skin’s circulation and softness. Certain anti cellulite lotions contain caffeine and some now also contain herbs which improve the skin’s texture and tone.

Some beauty salons advise their customers to wear a particular line of pantyhose and panties made from an unusual mesh fabric. These products are also supposed to provide a flattering exercise to the skin and adipose tissue by complimenting the body’s movements. This exercise is supposed to stimulate microcirculation allowing the fluids in the tissue to be drained. However this can be open to some interpretation.

There are also massage and rollers available that use the same principle. Although these methods do not remedy the underlying cause of cellulite, they reduce the appearance of it for cosmetic relief. However you should always bear in mind that excessive massage on areas that are affected by cellulite can cause breakage in the tiny capillaries under the skin.