Skin Care and Grooming Baby Gear

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A baby’s skin is very important and needs to be cared for properly. Changes in skin texture and health can lend vital clues to possible underlying illnesses, but are hard to notice when skin isn’t taken care of properly.

Baby skin is very sensitive and requires special care. Your child will thank you later in life for taking great care of their skin when they were young, providing healthy skin cells to work with in later life.

Skin provides the initial barrier between your baby and the environment. It should remain supple and elastic through moisturizing and free of germs for optimal health. Several lines of skin care baby gear are available at any department store, including Johnson’s and Aveeno. Baby wipes, lotion, oil and power are available in baby gear gift kits for birthdays and showers as well.

Diaper rash is never fun, and preventing it from every occurring in the first place is perhaps the best treatment for mom and dad. Proper skin care can contribute to creating a dry environment that will help to prevent this no-fun condition during a baby’s first months of life!

Baby powder can help to keep the skin dry for this purpose, but it also contributes to creating a healthy barrier between your baby and surrounding environments. What’s more, it contributes to a baby that smells good, too!

Everyone knows that sun protection is vitally important for any age of skin, but especially important for babies. Using sunblock on all exposed areas of your baby before going outside will help to prevent harmful discoloration and sunburns. Virtually every baby gear kit will include sunblock for this purpose.

Bath time skin care products are equally important. Tear-free shampoo prevents the inevitable shampoo in the eye from irritating baby, as well as keeping hair free of dirt and grime. Baby shampoo is specially formulated to be safe and healthy for a baby’s sensitive scalp; this is the biggest difference between baby’s shampoo and that used for mom and dad.

Special creams are necessary for a wide range of skin issues. Diaper rash, when it does occur, requires special paste or cream to reduce symptoms and severity during the healing process. If your small child has eczema or another common skin condition, other special creams are available without a prescription to speed healing. These creams are formulated to rebalance the skin lipids to treat and prevent recurrences.

Ointments that heal patches of dry skin are another essential part of a baby gear kit. Small patches of dry skin, left untreated, can crack and become infected – this opens baby up to all sorts of sicknesses, and makes him uncomfortable, too.

Special scents are also available in every type of baby grooming product available for specific purposes. Lavender-scented shampoo and lotion helps baby to relax at bedtime, and lingers long enough to make him smell great during the daytime, too. These infused products can affect baby’s mood as well as skin condition when used correctly and regularly.

Mealtime Baby Gifts That Create Memories

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Mealtime baby gifts are very popular, as babies tend to spend quite a bit of time eating. Many of these gifts tend to be very bland, but new lines of unique mealtime utensils and tools can be used as both original and practical items.

NASCAR race fans demand fun during their child’s mealtime. Baby gifts that reflect this love include bibs and bottles bearing a racing theme. Checkered flags, race car logos, and bibs declaring they are a “pit stop” for baby’s food are not only humorous but useful.

Nature freaks enjoy sippy cups with a picture of a bear and silver plating. This is not only nice to look at, but can be used as baby learns to drink on her own. A removable plastic liner makes it easy to clean and the entire cup is presented in a pretty box. These can easily become a keepsake that is passed down to future generations.

Pewter creates a perfect option for durable gifts that serve a practical purpose. A baby gift of a pewter bowl and spoon is safe for actual use and can also be a decorative accent in the nursery. Some may be adorned with butterflies or barnyard themes, and exude a feeling of natural ambiance that compliment any décor.

Combining style with practicality is always popular, as is the case with the “Carryall Diaper Tote.” Canvas material is sturdy and strong, and able to carry all the bibs and diapers that mom could possibly need. Also consider giving a changing pad, bottles and powder for a day at the beach in lime, blue or pink color themes.

Adorable designs are always acceptable with a baby in tow. A great mealtime baby gift set includes “ducky” designs on a cup, plate and bowl packaged in a decorative box that can also become a keepsake itself. This 3-piece set is made of melamine that will not break and harm baby, and is classically designed to withstand years of changing trends.

Accompany this set with a 2-piece utensil baby gift that dons a royal theme for the little prince or princess. This fork and spoon are practical for any mealtime occasion, and are silver-plated to look like the tools of a true royal blueblood. Packaged in a keepsake box of blue or pink, this set makes a great to-go gift for picnics or days away from home.

Every baby loves all types of animals, and the 3-piece porcelain plate set includes an elephant playing the drums alongside a rabbit. The frog accompanies the elephant with his cymbals, and the entire set is given in a muslin case that is strong and outlasting.

When you can’t decide what type of gift to give the expectant parents, remember that mealtime is a very frequent and important part of baby’s life. Choose a stylish design of a practical gift that will withstand the pressures of young life and be cherished for years to come.

The Emotions and Physical Changes During Pregnancy

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Without doubt, every pregnancy is unique but even so, there are specific emotions and physical changes that go along with each.

A pregnancy will begin by the woman getting confirmation by seeing her doctor or different types of pregnancy tests. Most women will set up an appointment with the family doctor at which time urine and blood tests are performed. Although a urinalysis is often used, the blood test is a far more reliable test but typically, doctors choose to do both.

There are other women who prefer learning about the pregnancy in the privacy of their own home, which is why they choose a pregnancy test purchased from the store. These tests are easy to find, affordable, and many are highly accurate. Keep in mind, even the most accurate at-home pregnancy test can give an incorrect reading. For this reason, even if you had a positive or negative pregnancy test, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment with your doctor for a firm confirmation.

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, you need to understand the changes occurring in your body, which are due to change in hormonal levels. Remember, all pregnant women experience symptoms that are common in pregnancy.

One of the most interesting first signs of pregnancy is experiencing an unusually heightened sense of smell. In fact, many smells that were enjoyed now become annoying and even sickening. As an example, if you typically bathe with bath soaps with a sweet lavender fragrance, this may be the very smell that makes you feel nauseated. The same is true with foods. Perhaps waking up to the smells of bacon and coffee were always your favorite but now, they make you feel sick. Even the smell of your own sheets can cause a negative reaction during pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy also create mood swings and the dreaded phase of morning sickness. Some pregnant women will breeze through pregnancy with no or few morning sickness symptoms but most women go through periods of nausea and vomiting commonly in the morning but sometimes, at night.

One of the most important things you can do while pregnancy is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only is this beneficial to you but also your unborn baby. Old habits such as consuming alcohol and smoking should be avoided during pregnancy in that they are harmful to the growing fetus. In addition to eliminating bad habits you also want to incorporate good habits. For instance, you will need to eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and exercise throughout your pregnancy but especially in the last three months when the baby is most affected.

One your body starts growing, normal clothes will become tight, which means it is now time to start shopping for maternity clothes. As you go through the various stages of pregnancy, you will notice daily changes with your body so make sure you choose clothes and shoes you find comfortable. Of course, if you prefer to avoid clothing designed for pregnant women, pants with and elastic waist or even choosing clothes one or two sizes larger also works quite well. Remember, this is no wrong or right with clothing during pregnancy, as long as you feel comfortable.

While some women will deliver early or go past their delivery date, most pregnant women have a nine-month pregnancy. During this time, the body and the mind are experiencing drastic changes. Again, having mood swings, discomfort, and even heartburn are all a part of pregnancy. Your baby is growing daily and soon, your bladder will be pushed on as the baby takes up more room. The result if one of the most annoying symptoms of pregnancy, which is the need to urinate frequently.

There is another symptom of pregnancy that some will have called Chloasma. With this, the face, particularly the nose and eye areas become discoloured. Most pregnancy experts believe this change is the result of hormones. Once the baby has been delivered, the discoloration will fade but while pregnant, you can keep the discoloration to a minimum by using sunscreen while outdoors or staying out of the sun completely.

Pregnancy will also cause stretch marks in most women. After all, the stomach is stretching as the baby grows so this is very common. If you want to keep the intensity of stretch marks low or avoid them altogether, vitamin E rubbed onto the stomach morning and night helps the skin become more elastic.

One of the symptoms of pregnancy that women do not complain about is they notice their hair grows thick and nails grow long quickly. This change is due to the prenatal vitamins being taken. However, along with good comes bad in that pregnancy symptoms also include cavities. Even women who take excellent care of their teeth will suddenly find they now have cavities to deal with. To help battle this symptom, again, make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet that includes calcium.

There are many changes that occur within the body and mind during pregnancy. As you go through the different weeks pregnant, things are going to change but of course, if you have any questions or problems, be sure to contact your doctor immediately. The outcome of good health will be a better pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby.

Pregnancy – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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Without doubt, pregnancy is an incredible miracle, a time of huge change as a new human being is being created. Being able to conceive, carry a healthy child, and then give birth is an experience that is hard to describe. This life growing in your womb is a blessing and for many women, the entire pregnancy is easy or with few problems.

Typically, a pregnant woman will see her pregnancy as a life-changing time, a time of new life. Women become very protective, knowing they now have a very important responsibility of raising the child in a loving and safe home. During the pregnancy, there are special moments between mother and child as she feels the fetus kicking and moving about. This intimate moment cannot be compared to any other life experience.

There are many special aspects of pregnancy but one is the special glow that soon-to-be moms have. People see a difference in appearance as the woman carries this special bundle around inside her body. Even the reaction received by other people while pregnant is different. For instance, people will offer to carry groceries, open doors, run errands, and so on. Being pregnant offers times of pampering, which women love. Since the pregnancy will only last for nine months, we suggest you enjoy the royal treatment while it lasts.

Along with all the good aspects of being pregnant, there are also some challenges. Fatigue and discomfort are common, especially as the pregnancy progresses so the woman will feel tired and find it difficult to do things she did one month before. There are also huge mood swings as the result of hormonal change. With this, a pregnant woman may awaken on Monday feeling fantastic and then on Tuesday become extremely difficult. The most common symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness, which causes nausea and often vomiting.

Every pregnant woman has a different experience but no matter what you might be faced with, the key to happiness is to keep your focus on the delivery of your precious baby. Interestingly, most newborns are not cute. They have wrinkled skin, crunched up faces, and sometimes, cone heads. However, after a few days pass that all goes away and you can now look into the eyes of your beautiful son or daughter. Most new moms agree that they cannot even remember or imagine life prior to the baby. Even if the pregnancy were difficult, all the bad memories simply fade away as this beautiful creation is held close.

There are many excellent books, e-books and guides that you can read so that you know what to expect during this special time, and also how to prepare for the birth and caring of your baby.

What to Expect in the First Three Months of Pregnancy

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The first signs of pregnancy will typically appear in about two weeks but during the first three months, you will begin to notice all types of changes to the body and emotions. Known as the first trimester, this is one of the stages of pregnancy when the majority of changes occur. The one thing we want to remind you is that while feeling nauseated, tired, and uncomfortable are common, every pregnant woman has different symptoms and different intensities of symptoms.

It is important to understand the different changes occurring so you have a better idea as what to expect. In this article, we will go through the most common complaints of pregnancy, as well as tips for managing them.

Morning Sickness

During your first two weeks pregnant, the hormones in your body are going through major changes. You will find that foods, perfumes, and even environmental smells that you normally like now become repulsive. In fact, many pregnant women agree they get very nauseated and even vomit because of the heightened sense of smell.

Of course, there are other causes of nausea, one being the pressure being placed on your digestive system due to the stretching of the uterine muscles and growing size of the fetus. What happens is that there is a higher production of acid that can be pushed upwards, resulting in nausea and vomiting.

There are some positive things you can do to help reduce the effects of morning sickness. Now, there are some women who never have nausea or have only a slight problem – how fortunate. For the pregnant women who have intense problem, being nauseated 24 hours a day is a very serious problem.

Keep in mind that while you deal with morning sickness during pregnancy, most often the feeling of nausea will disappear at about the 12-week mark. Morning sickness is the most common pregnancy symptom so if you are faced with this problem remember that you are perfectly normal.

You can do several things to lessen the intensity of pregnancy morning sickness. For starters, instead of eating three large meals a day, switch to six smaller meals. This way, the stomach is never empty so increased acid is not as much a problem. In fact, experts agree that one of the triggers for morning sickness is not having any food in the stomach. Since you go all night without eating, we recommend you keep bread or crackers on your nightstand and then before even getting out of bed, munch of a few.

This symptom of pregnancy can also be controlled by eating the right foods. While pregnant, you need to increase the amount of starchy foods, breads, and proteins consumed. You are going to gain weight during pregnancy and while you want to be careful, when dealing with certain pregnancy symptoms, weight gain should be the last thought. Typically, eating a little food will make a huge improvement in the way you feel so during the first weeks pregnant, keep your focus on feeling good and not so much on weight gain, which you can worry about after the morning sickness passes.

Food Cravings

Everyone has heard the story of a pregnant woman craving pickles and ice cream but do not laugh. While pregnant, you will have some of the strangest food cravings such as this. For instance, there will be some women who have a very powerful craving at 2:00 in the morning for strawberry shortcake or she may want liver and onions, something she would normally never eat. Although strange, do not be afraid to indulge in these cravings, as this is a very normal part of pregnancy.

Swelling and Tender Breasts

Another symptom of pregnancy noticed early on is changes in your breasts. They will become very tender and sore and even swell. This happens because progesterone and estrogen levels increase, which means more milk, is being produced by hormonal changes and thus, swelling and soreness.

You may also notice that the area around the nipple called the areola becomes darker and larger. In some pregnant women, the breasts will also develop tiny white bumps and experience blue colored veins that can be enlarged in order to handle the additional blood supply needed when breastfeeding.

While some pregnant women will only experience swelling and soreness in the first few months, others have this symptom throughout the entire pregnancy. To ease some of the discomfort, we recommend you invest in a good support bra, one that will help with the added weight of the breasts.

Short Breath and Fatigue

Two other pregnancy symptoms include shortness of breath and fatigue. Trying to live a normal job, working, or going to school while pregnant can be physically difficult, which then affects the emotions. Even though getting more rest than normal might be challenging, it is important you work your schedule so you can rest. Typically, the overwhelming sense of fatigue is only during your first weeks pregnant but this symptom can last longer.

Rest is very important when pregnant so even though hard on some days, do all you can to get six to eight hours of good sleep. In addition, taking several short naps during the day can also alleviate some of the pregnancy fatigue.

In addition to naps, even eating a well-balanced diet can fight off pregnancy fatigue. If your body is getting the nourishment needed with minerals and vitamins, not only will you have more energy but you are also doing something good for the growing baby. During your pregnancy, your doctor will have you take prenatal vitamins, which really help but if fatigue becomes too much of a problem, the doctor may put you on other supplements and vitamins to help.

Other pregnancy information pertaining to fatigue has to do with exercise. Light to moderate activity actually boosts a person’s energy level so consider walking, yoga, or swimming. Of course, before you get involved with any exercise or physical activity, talk to your doctor to make sure it would be safe for your pregnancy.

Irritability, Mood Swings, and Emotions

Every pregnant woman deals with these symptoms to some degree. Remember, the hormones in your body are going through rampant changes so breaking out in tears for no apparent reason is common and normal. Sometimes, just having a good crying spell will make the pregnancy easier to handle.

Being Lightheaded

Next, when pregnant, your heart is doing a lot more work than usual. The heart needs to push blood throughout the body in a more effective way to ensure the fetus is getting what is needed so having bouts of being lightheaded is expected. However, if you are not eating the right foods and six small meals throughout the day, you might also have a problem with blood sugar levels dropping. This too can cause dizziness and is usually resolved after eating a meal.

Frequent Urination

The final pregnancy symptom we want to address is very common and also annoying. As the baby grows, the bladder is pushed on, which means when you go to the bathroom, it becomes harder and harder to completely empty it. This means as you go about your day, you will have a frequent urge to urinate even though only a small amount will come out. Unfortunately, this is a pregnancy symptom that cannot be avoided so understand this is just a part of being with child.

One tip that some pregnant women find helpful is to lean forward as far as possible when going to the bathroom.

Each of these pregnancy symptoms is common although each woman will have a slightly different experience and level of intensity. Additionally, while one pregnancy may involve having all the listed symptoms, others only have a few.

Being pregnant is hard on the body and the mind, which is why now more than ever, you need to take good care of you. Make sure you never miss an appointment with your doctor, eat a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids, get daily exercise, and if necessary and with your doctor’s approval, add supplements and vitamins to your daily regimen.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

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A healthy diet is important for everyone but when it comes to pregnant women, especially critical. While pregnant, it is vital that you eat the right foods for your sake and the sake of your unborn child. After all, the very foods you consume are also going into the fetus’ system. This means that when you eat, you must consume vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that will make your pregnancy easier and produce a healthy baby.

For one thing, during the different pregnancy stages make sure you never skip a meal. Each meal is very important to you and your baby, especially breakfast. You have gone all night without nutrition and now at the start of a new day, you and your baby need food. Remember, when you go hungry so does the growing baby inside your tummy. Interestingly, morning sickness, a common symptom of pregnancy, is a sign that you are not getting proper nutrition.

Not only do you need to eat, but foods high in nutrients. For instance, calcium is very importance during pregnancy, keeping your bones strong and helping develop strong bones for the baby. Add milk, yogurt, cheese, and different types of leafy green vegetables, which are loaded in calcium and other nutrients. Experts suggest you eat between four and six servings to maintain health.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also imperative for pregnancy. In this case, sweet potatoes are delicious and loaded with vitamins, as well as antioxidants, which are known to help with inflammation. As you go through each day of the pregnancy, you will have more of an appetite so when you reach for a snack, choose your foods wisely, those that will encourage healthy growth of the baby and boost your own energy.

Just as you need certain foods while pregnant to keep you and your baby healthy, there are also foods you should never eat since they can be harmful to your child.

Examples of foods to avoid while pregnant would include:

• Any foods unpasteurized, which are commonly found in soft cheeses such as brie and even milk purchased directly from a dairy farm.
• Fish to include shark, tuna, and swordfish contain high levels of mercury
• Uncooked eggs
• Meat, pork, and poultry that has not been thoroughly cooked
• Caffeine such as soda pop, coffee, and of course, chocolate

Every woman’s pregnancy is slightly different so before you start adding or eliminating food from your diet, talk to your doctor. This way, you will have a firm understanding of foods considered healthy for you and your growing baby, as well as foods that could cause serious problems. If there are foods you cannot eat or you have trouble digesting, your doctor might recommend you take a supplement to ensure you are getting all the needed vitamins and minerals for a healthy pregnancy. Any time you have questions or concerns, your doctor should be your first source of information.

One of the most annoying symptoms of pregnancy has to do with an increased sense of smell. This means that while pregnant, some of the foods you normally love will now have a smell that is appalling.

Although easy, pregnancy is not the time to consume a lot of fast foods, which are processed and greasy. Not only do these foods provide little nutrition, they also lead to nausea, especially in early pregnancy stages. Sure, you can have treats and fast food on rare occasion but the goal is to make the primary focus of your diet on healthy, fresh foods. If you get a craving for something sweet, instead of going for a chocolate bar, make a delicious smoothie using strawberries, banana, yogurt, low fat milk, and even a little fresh spinach or carrot.

Along with a well-balanced diet, you will also require more fluid intake during pregnancy. The best solution would be water but fluids in general need to be increased. Again, avoid caffeine and of course alcohol.

Massage Oils and Their Uses

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Massage therapy techniques vary substantially, based upon the problem that is to be addressed, and the massage tools and massage equipment used by the therapist. A masseur may also use different massage oils while performing a massage. It would be ideal that the patient knows about these different massage therapy techniques as well as the different massage oils that may be used by the therapist. This article has been put together for that.

One of the most common massage oils is sweet almond oil. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamins and minerals and soothes and protects the skin. It is an odorless oil, with a yellow color. Whichever the form of massage therapy, it becomes easier for the therapist to work his way across the body when oil is used. When a therapist blends different massage oils, he uses sweet almond oils as a base.

An equally popular oil for oil massage is apricot kernel oil. This is also rich in vitamins and minerals and nourishes the skin. This massage oil is considered to be especially good for face, and so many masseurs use it for facial massage. One inhibiting factor in its use is its cost. Because of that, many massage therapists minimize the use of apricot kernel oil, using it in combination with other oils. Because it is a rich massage oil, some therapists use it at least for face.

Yet another good massage oil is avocado pear oil. This is rich in vitamin D and especially good for dry skin and extra sensitive skin. This massage oil can penetrate deep into the skin. Massage therapists normally blend it with other massage oils while doing massage therapy. The generally used ratio is about 10% of avocado pear oil in a mixture.

Calendula is also a much valued massage oil. While the three massage oils mentioned above are rich in vitamins and other nutrients, and nourishes the skin, calendula has got medicinal properties as well. It is a healing agent and anti-inflammatory agent so that it is effective in healing wounds, treating varicose veins, and removing scar tissue. Massage therapists use this also as part of their blend of massage oils. The normal percentage of calendula oil in a mixture will be 10%, exactly like avocado pear oil.

Evening primrose oil is yet another oil used in massage therapy. This too is medicinal in nature and is said to be effective in lessening the symptoms of heart disease and multiple sclerosis. Evening primrose oil nourishes the skin like other massage oils and therapists invariably make it a part of the massage oil blends they use. It is extra useful for women in that it can minimize pre-menstrual tensions.

There are yet other massage oils that therapists use, based on their cost and local availability. None of these massage oils contain potential allergens and so the risk factor from their usage is comparatively low. However, those with sensitive skin, or those allergic to certain smells, can tell the therapist in advance of their preferences. That would ensure that their massage therapy session does not become a fiasco due to the smell of the massage oil.

Baby Blankets Can Be an Original Shower Gift

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Receiving an invitation to a baby shower can be an exciting thing. However, choosing the perfect baby shower gift for the mom-to-be can also present a stressful situation. Baby blankets still remain both popular and practical, and many modern designs and fashionable fabrics make this gift a great choice.

You may be wondering how in the world a baby blanket can become an original baby gift. Even after all the years that we’ve used them to keep our babies warm, there are multiple new ideas implemented into the newest blankets available.

One popular new design for the baby blanket is the “Pigs In a Blanket”. What’s more is that it provides two gifts in one, and is presented in an original and decorative box. You know how all the women will gawk at virtually any pretty container! This one boasts vintage styling with a welcoming “Open me!” bow.

Once the excited and expectant mother opens the box, she will find a soft baby blanket that is able to be personalized with a special message or the initials of her coming baby. The blanket is even tied around a stuffed pig that presents a safe and comfy favorite for baby’s naptime. This pig is fashioned out of the most resistant and durable fabrics that are still soft and loveable, so will remain in one piece through years of wear and tear.

Also included with the “Pigs In a Blanket” gift is the popular “This Little Piggy” storybook rhyme printed on the back. If that wasn’t enough cuteness to float your boat, consider the dancing piglets portrayed on the front.

Another original blanket gift is the JoJo Giraffe toy that arrives in a special decorative box with a coordinating blanket. The giraffe stands nearly two feet tall, and is one of the most original baby shower gifts available. JoJo stands wrapped around a unique baby gift box, and will become the ideal toy for the baby in the coming months.

Personalized baby gifts are the best way to make a lasting impression, and JoJo’s blanket can easily be embossed with the baby’s name, initials and even birthdate. This blanket is made of a gender-neutral and soft yellow fabric that is the perfect baby gift set when the sex is unknown! The blanket is also large enough to be used as a crib cover during baby’s earliest months.

You’ll also be able to find great baby shower gifts in unique baby blankets that stand alone, too. Maddie’s Meadow is the perfect baby gift that is a brightly-colored blanket adorned with butterflies and flowers. The accompanying keepsake box coordinates with the pattern, utilizing a vision of spring grass and lofty, cloudy skies. This baby gift may also be personalized around the edge of the soft blanket.

If you’re looking for a baby gift set with multiple practical items, take a look at the 9-piece layette set. It contains several blankets and toys, a set of booties, and a matching set of three gift boxes. These items will transition over the next several years, finding use for baby and mom when they need it most.

How To Select The Right Delivery Option For Your Baby

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There are plenty of women who wish that babies were really delivered by storks! Having carried their baby for the whole nine months, they are now eager to get the whole business of delivery over with! The change in the body that pregnancy wreaks is disconcerting, to say the least, and many women just want their original body back! However, the race for the healthy baby will only be won with the use of Lamaze, Bradley as well as some other options that will create a healthy body for the birth of the baby.

Women have been giving birth since time immemorial, and this practice will continue on for thousands of years! However, with the advent of modern science and technology, childbirth is now a process that is easier on the mother than it previously was, due to the options it provides.

In the mid 1800s, medical knowledge had reached a point where women could be given certain drugs for pain reduction. And by the mid 1900s, the process of childbirth became a technicality that had more to do with pain medication than the mother and baby! But as medical science grows, it is seen that the modern medical know-how can enable an expectant mother to take more control over the process of childbirth to maximize the odds of having a healthy baby.

Any drugs that a mother takes during delivery are also passed on to her baby in smaller doses. This can be harmful, which is why, in the year 1940, Dr. Robert Bradley came up with the Bradley method of natural childbirth without the use of drugs.

This method relied on breathing techniques as well as relaxation techniques to help the mother through birth. Thus, going for Bradley classes is an advantage that the pregnant mother gains to help her during delivery. However, the drugs used for pain medication today are produced with ingredients that have very low odds of harming the baby. This issue depends entirely on the mother, of course!

Lamaze, another childbirth facilitator course for expectant mothers, also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lamaze was initially developed to facilitate vaginal childbirth by a French physician and became popular in the 60s. It is a birthing technique which encourages the use of proper breathing techniques, hot and cold packs, and proper body positioning, whilst discouraging any form of pain medication.

Similar to Bradley, the Lamaze uses breathing techniques during the final stages of the delivery to help oxygenate the muscle cells as well as to control pain. The focus on the in-out-in breathing pattern helps the mother to block out the pain and concentrate on pushing at the essential moments.

Bradley and Lamaze techniques stress the necessity of having a close person beside to aid in childbirth. A friend, a life partner, a midwife: anyone you are comfortable with! These people will be a source of comfort because they are either having a medical background or because they have been to the Bradley and Lamaze classes with you and so, have an understanding of what childbirth is all about. They will assist you in performing your breathing techniques, get you slivers of ice, help change your position for your comfort, and in general, be there for you for all the different stages of delivery!

Pregnant mothers must explore all the options available to them. There is no real call to rule out pain medication if you have all the information available and can calmly make a rational decision beforehand. Modern technology has a lot to say for it, and many women these days do indeed go for the modern methods of childbirth. What matters at the end of the day is making an informed decision and having your baby as healthy as possible!

The Importance of Finding the Best Pediatrician

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A common concern for any parent is finding the most qualified pediatrician for their newborn. At various stages of the baby’s life, he or she will need to see the doctor so you want someone you trust. Obviously, finding a pediatrician is of huge importance so to make the process easier, we wanted to provide you with helpful information.

Always remember that every pediatrician is different. Each doctor has his or her own way of doing things and a unique personality. Therefore, you need to choose a doctor that you click with and someone who has the same perspective of raising newborns as you do. As a new parent, you will have many questions so you need a doctor who is patient and willing to take time to answer them. There could even be times when you need the pediatrician in the middle of the night so the doctor you choose should be open to helping no matter the time.

We suggest that you do research and find several possible doctors. It is imperative that you sit down with each prospective pediatrician and have face-to-face time, not something you want to do via email or on the phone. Typically, this type of personal meeting will make the process of choosing much easier.

Never be afraid to ask about any licenses, certifications, or other accomplishments achieved by the doctor. Each school is also different, meaning their principals and level of teaching will be different. For instance, chances are that a pediatrician who trained at Harvard or the Mayo Clinic is going to have more current and intense education and training over a doctor that received his/her degree from a school in Africa. Regardless of where the doctor went to school, we strongly recommend you only choose one that is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics in that they have high standards.

It is also important to identify the different hospitals where the pediatrician works. For instance, you might have insurance that covers one hospital more than another so as long as the hospital you want to go to is good, then try to find a doctor that has an association there. Another consideration is how far the doctor’s office is to your home. If you have frequent doctor’s visits, then it would be more convenient to find someone nearby. One of the most important questions is to find out if the doctor will come to the hospital after the baby is born so you know your child is getting care immediately after birth.

Something that many parents are unaware of is that you can have more than one pediatrician. Often, parents will have a pediatrician and a specialist, especially when there are unique health considerations. Even if you have an amazing family doctor, this should not be the baby’s doctor in that he or she will not have the level of expertise needed.

Next, if you choose a pediatrician who is in practice with several other doctors, ask about the policy of which doctor would see your baby if your own pediatrician were unavailable. Once a name or names have been identified, set up an appointment to go in and actually meet the other doctor(s). This will provide you with peace of mind that you need. Some pediatricians also have practicing nurses or RNs that have special training with newborns so this too would be valuable information to have.

Make sure you discuss important issues such as certain immunizations and vaccinations. Some doctors are pro and some con. You do not necessarily have to agree with the doctor but you should at least understand why they may or may not oppose something. Working with your new pediatrician, you will learn about schedule for shots, nutrition, diet, and so on.

If you have no idea where to start your search for a qualified pediatrician, ask your OBGYN. If you deliver early or have not yet chosen a pediatrician the obstetrician can care for your newborn during the first six weeks. If the OBGYN is unsure, then talk to the staff at the hospital for recommendations. Of course, you can always perform your own online research. Some websites that offer a wealth of information include: – The Health Pages – American Academy of Pediatrics – The Doctor Finder – American Board of Pediatrics

Not only will these organizations provide you with names, but other information relating to training, education, history as a pediatrician, insurance, and more.

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