How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night!

January 23, 2009 by  
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Every parent wants one thing: for their baby to sleep peacefully through the night! However, this isn’t really possible, as babies develop habits more slowly than adults do, and a newborn takes the longest to shift into a certain routine. In any case, it’s best to pay attention to bringing about regularity of the baby’s routine so that the little one gets accustomed to sleeping the number of hours that nature intended for him! Of course, a safe and secure environment also matters a lot!

It is normal to expect a baby to wake often for feeding. In the uterus, the flow of nutrients into the bloodstream was continuous. Suddenly, they have to take in milk and wait for it to digest into their bloodstreams. And since they have small tummies, they’ll need to be fed frequently! This is why babies wake up often during the night. Many mothers therefore encourage their baby to take as much milk as they can, but not to the point where the baby gets stressed. And as the baby grows, his holding capacity also does, so he’s liable to wake up fewer times in the night.

Parents are aware that there’s no way they can sleep when their baby is awake and hungry, and neither is there any way that they can force their baby to sleep! Babies feel secure is closed cribs, since these resemble the enclosed womb, and are likely to sleep for longer in them. A silent room and cosy atmosphere also aid your baby in sleeping for longer hours. As baby gets accustomed to this atmosphere, you’ll find her sleeping through the entire night!

Babies like soothing music or lullabies as they nod off, but try not to get them accustomed to this. Also, loud noises while the baby’s sleeping aren’t a good idea. They might not disturb the baby at the time, but can cause havoc with the baby’s sleep patterns in some time, causing him to have a restless night and disrupting his sleep routine. If you’re watching TV with the volume on high, make sure the baby can’t hear it! It’s better to get a baby monitor to keep an ear out for the baby, rather than to leave the door of the nursery open.

Cloth diapers make a baby uncomfortable when wet, as they are less absorbent compared to disposable diapers. If your baby wakes up often for a change, switch to disposable diapers, which don’t make the baby feel as wet as cloth diapers do.

If your baby is waking up often in the night for no reason at all, it suggests that he or she is not very comfortable. Find out why. Visit a doctor, and determine whether it could be colic, wind, skin rash, teething or something more serious than this.

You also need to take into account your own health during your baby’s sleeplessness phase. Not getting enough sleep could lead to crankiness, absent-mindedness or clumsiness which could lead to accidents in the home.

Sometimes you’ll feel that this sleeping problem will continue forever! It can be very frustrating, but do remember not to let your baby’s sleeping problem rule other aspects of your life! Sooner or later, your baby will adapt to the sleep-through-the-night routine, and you’ll have a happy household! Sounds good? It is!