Best Choices for Baby Gear

January 20, 2009 by  
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Even though there are different types of baby gear that are necessary, there is baby gear considered luxury items. Obviously, parents want to ensure the baby is both safe and comfortable and today more than ever before the possibilities are incredible.

One of the most important pieces of baby gear you need is the car seat. Today, most hospitals will require new parents to purchase or rent from them a car seat that meets high standards before they will even allow the baby to. Most parents will already have a car seat but if you are a new parent and have not yet purchased one, ask the hospital in that most rent or loan them. Remember, hospitals are liable by both state and insurance regulations so this is a mush.

Another important type of baby gear that makes it much easier to carry your new bundle of love around is the sling or carryall. These come in a variety of designs but most resemble a backpack that can be worn on the back or front, making it much more comfortable and safe while carrying your baby. Although the sling is primarily made for convenience, parents also love the close bond it creates with both mom and dad.

The stroller is also a piece of baby gear that you will eventually need. Even if you do not take the baby out for a few weeks, when you do, a stroller is necessary. Again, you will find many different brands, styles, designs, features, colors and so on but always think of safety first. For instance, you want a stroller designed with brakes to keep it from rolling away. Additionally, to protect your child from hot sun, an adjustable hood is beneficial.

We next want to mention a diaper changing table. You will find these made in many different materials and sizes but regardless, the changing table provides you with a convenient and safe place to change diapers.

You might also consider purchasing a bassinet, cradle, or a pack and play. Smaller than an actual crib, these sleep solutions are ideal for traveling. The key here is to choose one that is sturdy and strong, a bassinet or cradle without any sharp pieces or corners, and even one that has a way of keeping blankets securely in place, which is for safety purposes.

Over the months as the baby grows, you will begin to see remarkable changes. Obviously, the baby will grow physically, but he or she will also begin to change from a motor skills and cognitive perspective. At this point, your baby gear needs will change. As an example, you can purchase a bouncy seat that features colorful and musical pieces that move above the baby’s head, keeping him/her entertained. If you choose anything that makes noise, you might consider one that has a removable noisemaker so when you need a break, you can take it.

Next, babies love music, which can be both stimulating and quieting. Therefore, you should definitely invest in a good CD player with good speakers so as you rock your baby, you can play something relaxing. However, if you want special play time, then music that is more upbeat creates a developmental environment that you and your baby will love.

As you shop around for different baby gear, you will be shocked by the range of possibilities. Always remember that as babies grow, their curiosity and exploratory nature grows. As the parent, you want to enhance this development by providing your child with things such as building blocks, music, and anything to stimulate the mind and body. Again, just make sure that anything you consider is age appropriate and safe.

Finally, check with your doctor about the various types of medication, both over the counter and prescription that you will need and keep your cabinets stocked. Accidents and illness happen and this will keep you prepared for anything.