Why Babies Love Musical Toys

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There is something so intrinsically beautiful about music that even the youngest of babies respond to it. Musical toys have always been a favorite with babies, and are essentially the only real baby toys that can combine entertainment with education.

Babies love music. Take advantage of this with the Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum, which lights up with an alphabetic letter and makes music if it’s thumped by the baby! While babies love this drum, their parents will definitely be grateful for the volume control knob!

Why not introduce your baby to the fundamentals of music with the Musical Toy Box Bench? This little toy box comes in multiple colors and has a tiny xylophone at the back side with two small mallets. When you tap the back, you’ll hear the music. Then strike the bell, and watch the baby laugh as it peals! This toy really does wonders with development of the baby’s hearing and sound recognition skills!

The Musical Rocker from Levels of Discovery is a really cool musical baby toy with a xylophone attached to the armrest. Using a mallet to tap on it will release beautiful music which soothes the baby. And when you tap the small keyboard in the back, a lovely melody flows out. This colorful durable baby toy is so special; you might just keep it for yourself!

The Band In a Box is a more sophisticated musical baby toy for slightly older babies. It has hand cymbals, a triangle, tambourine and maracas; all of which increase your child’s choices about what he likes! This safe and colorful baby toy will teach your baby to differentiate between musical sounds as well as improve hand coordination. Also, it provides a whole lot of fun for the baby! A wooden storage case is provided for stowing away the Band in a Box.

If you’re one of those who want to teach their baby the piano, then the Piano Pal Hippo is your ideal musical toy! This toy pal for your baby is very purple and very fun! It opens it mouth wide, not to show its tonsils, but to reveal a toothy keyboard for your baby to play! And when your baby will press any tooth, she’ll hear one of the classic nursery rhymes. Your baby can also press the keys to play notes of her choice once you change the settings.

As your baby grows, another ideal musical toy is the Doodlebops Keytar which joins the shape of the guitar with a keyboard. Created out of light, durable plastic, this baby toy can play single notes, chords or even entire songs! Your baby can repeat what he hears, and have a great time as he learns music with this sixteen inch musical instrument!

The Disney Princess Guitar is another exotic musical baby toy that your child graduates to after the other simpler toys. Pretty soon, you’ll walk into a toy store with your child and she’ll want ‘that one, please!’ This pink musical guitar covered with popular female characters of Disney Films is the real deal. Your child will learn a lot about the guitar by strumming with the Disney Princess Guitar, and improve her music as well as her musical sound discernment! And of course, it has massive entertainment value for kids!

All too soon, you’ll hear your child making the sweetest music you’ve ever heard. And if they display any sort of musical talent, you know who to call. The record companies!

Cool Riding Toys For Your Tots

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At one point in time, the rocking horse was the only riding toy available. Today, there is a large assortment of riding toys on the market that will wow parents who are looking for the perfect one for their child!

Children love imitating their parents. You’ll have noticed this with the speech! So they’re ecstatic when they can pretend to drive their little pink sedan from the living room (house) to the guest room (store)! They drive around pretending to do the shopping and visiting with friends and have immense fun! So get this little lady and watch your toddler have a hoot!

How about a farm riding toy for your little boy or girl? The Cub Cadet Tractor and Trailer gives your little one a chance to play farmer in the yard! This set of Tractor and Trailer is very safe and sturdily made of durable plastic, so it can easily support your child’s weight. As a matter of fact, it can even haul that big teddy bear who’s been trying to get the goldfish out of the house for a punishment!

The Cub Cadet Tractor and Trailer doesn’t need the little ones to wear out their tiny legs peddling, since it is electric! Other features of this toy include movement at 2-4 miles per hour, which is quite safe for your kid. With the Cub Cadet, your child will never be bored and will find many, many excuses to take his toys for a ride tooting the horn all the way! Simple automatic brakes enable safe and easy stopping. This sturdy toy can handle 85 pounds of weight easily, so make sure your dog doesn’t go along for the ride too!

How about a little excavating with the Riding Excavator? You have a sandpile and you have a little child. What next? Make your child wear the safety helmet, which of course, is only for your child to feel all-important, since the Riding Excavator is a very safe plastic riding toy! The controls are so simple that even an eighteen month old can handle them!

The control stick makes the front move up and down, so it’s quite easy to scoop up the sand and deposit it elsewhere. The Riding Excavator is an ideal baby toy with lots of fascinating engine sounds. Of course, your baby’s hands are very safe! It runs on 4 ‘C’ batteries, and can carry up to seventy five pounds. So it’s fun all the way!

Get on the Elmo Petmobile and off you go! Your little ones can easily wheel themselves around the entire house, and pull and push the shifter as they wish! The Elmo Petmobile has a pet care table (dual-functionality of the seat) while its interior can hold lots and lots of toys! So when it’s adventure time, your tot can set up the toys within the small landscape scene, play with them and then pack up for another whiz on the Elmo Petmobile!

Featuring Elmo’s voice, the Elmo Petmobile contains five push buttons for various sound effects and colorful lights. So when you switch on the ignition, it growls into action with lights and sounds! Fascinating for the baby, relief for you, because it’s very safe! It requires only 2 ‘AA’ batteries, which ensure that the petmobile only moves as fast as your child can push! With all these features, you’re looking at a colorful multi-functional riding baby toy which is as much fun for the baby as it is for you!

Also, let’s not forget Dora and Diego, the classic rocking horses! Whenever your baby wants to have wild adventures in the West, then Dora and Diego rush to the rescue! They might not be as fast as the Yellow Jacket Pedal Plane, but they offer the same sort of fun!

What An Activity Gym Can Do For Your Baby!

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As any parent will tell you, having a baby is not an easy job! Babies tend to have a lot of energy, which gets recharges as they sleep. And if you’re one of the lucky parents, you’ll find your baby sleeping a lot. But when the baby is up, he or she will be raring to go! It’s a bit like an On-Off button will no medium control, according to most parents! The best thing to do to occupy your baby is to purchase an activity gym!

Activity gyms give your baby a chance to expend all the energy in different ways! They contain different components built in a manner which improves eye-hand coordination, increases strength of arms and legs, and more importantly, provides a tool to exercise the mind. At their age, this is very important!

Babies also need to build up arm and leg strength, to help them have healthier bodies as they grow up! After all, strength isn’t only the forte of adults and muscle-bound jocks! As babies grow, their bones become harder and their muscles also develop to enable them to grip firmly, stand upright and perform other physical functions. Activity gyms are thus essential baby toys which develop the muscles, as well as encourage activities which aid in keeping the internal organ systems in order, which is similar to what these activities do for adults!

An activity gym is a fascinating learning toy for babies. It has knobs, mobiles, wheels, and other parts that the baby learns to twist, turn and move in order to get what it wants: the lights and sounds! Doing this enables the baby to learn to differentiate between things as well as to learn to maneuver and control. A baby can learn the difference between different motions, such as rotating and push-pull, with this baby toy. After all, all these activities develop the baby’s mind to exploring new things as it grows.

Take in mind a five in one adjustable activity gym.

The first stage consists of a motion-activated kick pad and colorful toys to bat. This can do wonders with eye-hand coordination. It also helps the child to recognize and respond to movement. The second stage has plenty of lights and sounds which are operated by push buttons. This is an exceptional method for developing sight and hearing of the baby, as well at to teach their mind to associate movement with certain responses.

The third stage has a child-level bar which is perfect for babies who are learning to stand. It gives support to the baby, and is very safe and sensible!

What make the five in one activity gym unique are the fourth and fifth stages! These provide a play table with an easel, games and several art projects. These help your baby develop talents hitherto undiscovered. Perfectly safe, this stage is important for all babies since it leads to manipulation of shapes, color recognition and so on, which aids in developing the senses.

One of the best activity gyms is the Kick and Drive gym, which can be very fascinating for your baby! With the steering wheel which controls direction of the gym, babies learn are movements which helps them for life! Mobiles hanging overhead with various colored shapes help the baby to distinguish color and shapes. Rollers also move in a form that can provide hours of entertainment to the baby.

Simple activity gyms such as the Animal Friends Musical Gym are also a bit hit with babies and their parents! The baby will feel at ease as it tries to explore within a safe pad adorned with cartoon animal characters. The dangling animal soft toys will work to entertain the baby whilst also giving them a chance to stretch and move!

There are many benefits of activity gyms; more than we have ever expected! If you have a baby, get one. There’s no better way for your child to expend energy as well as develop the mind and body. So it’s activity gyms all the way!

The Amazing Benefits Of Baby Toy Mobiles

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One of the most popular baby toys that has been around for a very long time is the baby mobile! This baby toy is very popular with parents for its safety and value to the developing child. Babies love it because of its colorful look, which makes it fascinating for play! This is why parents almost always opt for the mobile as the first baby toy that their baby will play with!

These toy mobiles are ideal because they entertain even as they promote development of the mind. Colorful shapes that shift with feather touches of the child enhance color differentiation and visual acuity of the baby, as well as aid the baby in relating body motion with motion in the world! Mobiles also produce different sounds with the shifting shapes, which develops the baby’s hearing capacity and ability to differentiate sounds.

Apart from their value as a development tool, baby mobiles also have aesthetic value. Babies are fascinated with colorful animals dancing to their tune, and laugh upon seeing them. A smile is created easily as a rocket ship whizzes around the face of the baby. Also, hearing music whenever they touch the objects of the mobile makes them want to play more!

One of the popular baby toy mobiles is the Symphony in Motion mobile, which consists of many small and colorful farm animals that hop up and down as they move past! Behind them come astounding saucers that are right out of a 50s sci-fi cartoon film! The music that accompanies the movements is the very best for your child: Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. What more does your baby need to stimulate development of the eyes and the ears?

Another popular baby toy mobile is the Precious Moments mobile, which plays a soft and calming melody as the five inch soft toys softly glide around! In the Precious Moments mobile, a teddy bear looks on jovially as a tiny blue horse chases the star! This enchanting baby mobile has such amazing characters that your child will want to keep looking at it all day!

Along with all other things, baby mobiles have also gone mobile! You can take them along on a car trip to keep your baby entertained as well as to help stimulate your baby’s development!

One of the mobile baby mobiles is the ClassiGo Mobile which can be attached to anything: a beach umbrella, a car seat or even a play yard! The ClassiGo mobile has an ocean theme, with amazing sea creatures that fascinate and amuse your baby! The Take-Along Arch, another interesting baby mobile. It has plenty of soft toys that move around merrily, and is made of pretty soft toys that can be clipped on as desired or folded up to take along!

Another baby mobile that offers loads of fun and induces creative stimulation of the mind is the Lamaze Phase One Travelling Mobile. This mobile has colorful animals which promote playing of a kind that increases eye-hand coordination as well as hours of fun for the baby!

When spring is in the air, you’ll want your baby to have the Springtime ClasssiGo mobile, which has a butterfly, a bee and one sun all chasing one another as they smile for the baby! A mirror positioned above the mobile will cast reflections of the characters that delight the baby and help develop visual acuity and sound facilities that respond to the classical music.

Wind-chimes can also act as baby mobiles, and offer a great opportunity to benefit from the soothing breeze. Babies love Wind-chimes! They offer colorful birds made of safe materials, of course. Wind chimes enable the baby to develop his or her hearing and motor skills simultaneously, and they’re also fascinating due to the cool colors used for springtime!

Baby mobiles are the most ideal toys a baby can play with! So get one, and watch your child smile the day away!

Playmats- Lots Of Fun For Baby And You!

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Any parent will want their baby to have a playmate that is durable, safe, fun, colorful, comfy, and… did I state safe? I did! Yes, one that is ultimately the safest for your baby. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of playmates on the market today that fulfill all your wants in a playmat for your baby!

The Happy Jungle Playmat is one of these simply amazing play mats. It’s so soft and colorful; your child will love it! And, it’s made of very durable fabric, so you won’t have to worry about it tearing, which could be hazardous for your baby. This playmat is decorated with a zebra, monkey, elephant and giraffe; forming a zoo at home for the baby! Your baby has a lot of options with this playmat: she can decide to squeeze the monkey’s banana or exercise her jaws using the elephant’s teething ring, or even pull the giraffe’s legs!

The Fold n’ Go Bear Playmat is yet another awesome playmat, with so many colors that your baby will be dazzled! A sewn-in yellow bear provides comfort and protection for your baby as he nestles into the comfy arms and rests his head on an incredibly soft shoulder. As baby sleeps, bear’s head looks over the playmate to ensure the safety of baby. And when baby wakes, he’ll begin to play with the squeezable frog speakers and look into the ladybird mirror. He’ll also want to start playing in the attachable frog pond!

The Surfboard Tummy Time playmat is an ideal way to visit the beach in your living room! Each side of the play mat has attached stuff on rings that will fascinate the baby. It even has a prop-up pillow so that your baby can keep his head up over the ‘waves’! The fish squeaks loudly when squeezed. And if you want more fun for the baby, fill up the removable pouch with water, so that your baby is occupied with the small aquarium! Parents also like the added growth chart that enables them to keep an eye on the baby’s growth pattern.

Playmats don’t necessarily have to be flat, right? Go for the Peek and Play Discovery Dome. Your baby will love it! It’s very safe, very colorful and very strong! Sturdy material covers the firm but soft supports to form a small tent that will provide protection to the baby. Babies love this playmat, since they can play Peek-a-boo in it, and have masses of fun! Both ends have a light transparent mesh material covering them so you can keep an eye on the baby. He’ll love playing with the hanging toys and dropping the play balls down the chute!

This amazing playmat has a lot of awesome toys. The ribbon-haired monkey, the fish rattle, the spider teething ring, the monkey rattle, the pretend squeaker phone, the play balls; all form a vast assortment of toys for his enjoyment!

When you decide to buy a playmat for your baby, do some research and opt for the best. The playmats featured above are some of the best and safest in the market. Go get them today!

It’s Bath-time! Bring Out The Baby Toys!

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Having fun in the bathtub is a great way to end your baby’s day! With the vast range of baby toys for baths available on the market today, this is easier done than said!

The Rubber Duck has been around for a long time, and will continue to be around forever! We’ve all played with this classic toy too. Here’s a change. How about a colorful pelican then? Squirt the Pelican is an amazing bath-time toy, where water splashed or shot into its mouth fills up the bucket under its beak and makes the pelican squawk and tip when full! Amazing, right?

Where else can you introduce a baby to sailing? Opt for different colored sailing boats which will entertain the baby whilst you teach him color recognition! Babies will have a lot of fun with these boats, and what’s more, they’re really awesome for eye-hand coordination! Most baby bath toys such as the sailboats are quite small; 3 inches in size, so it’s easy to fit more of them into the bathtub!

Kids love drawing. Young children find great entertainment in drawing pictures and love to show off what they’ve drawn. From the age of eighteen months onward, place Tadoodles Washable Bath Crayons in their hands, and watch the results! These crayons are in the shape of a dog, pig and elephant, which actively create a fun atmosphere in the bathtub. Whatever the baby draws will wash off immediately. What’s more: these shaped crayons float in the water, making for a lot of fun and games for toy and baby!

The 3-in-1 Music Island is another bout of entertainment in the bathroom! Start off the music with the octopus jingle shaker after putting the fish handle inside the tub. Tap the xylophone to ring out the tub tunes. Alternatively, let them beat the drum for a bit of fun! The 3-in-1 Music Shaker comes with sheet music, if you want to teach your child the music! It’s guaranteed to make you laugh as hard as your baby!

If you fancy letting your child play a musical instrument, try out the Tub Tunes Water Trumpet which makes real music and is an ideal baby bath toy since it’s made of unbreakable plastic! You can also opt for the five colorful Water Flutes and fill them with different amounts of water to create various notes! Fun and learning for the baby, fun for you! Waterproof music sheets make for a more enjoyable experience when you’re teaching your child music in the bath!

Place a farm animal such as a cow, lamb, chicken, horse or pig into the bathtub and squeeze it to squirt out water! This is bound to make her laugh and, she’ll also want to try it. This helps in building hand muscles, and promotes learning of cause and effect! These farm animals come in lots of colors and are extremely safe for the baby with no toxic fluids!

Your child might want to be a writer in the future. What better place to start than the bathtub? Huge squeezable pens give them the freedom to write, doodle and draw what they want on the tub with safe and washable goo. You can also teach them quite a bit in the bathtub using these pens!

Bath-time can be very entertaining for the baby as well as the parents. With all the fun you’re having, you have to remember something important. And this is very important! Please DO NOT forget to bath the baby!

How Learning Toys Help Your Baby Grow!

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Learning baby toys are the most popular toys available today. It’s easy to see why! Babies love exploring and seeing new things. They are fascinated by new experiences, and even new people who pop into their lives! And when you provide them with something that amuses them and fascinates them at the same time, you’re in the game!

One of the most popular learning toys of all time is the stacker. This toy consists of a cone and a concentric set of rings which fit onto the cone in the right order. It’s safe, it’s sensible, and it’s famous for two key values: fun and education! Your baby will learn a lot about shapes and how they should fit together, and have a lot of fun in the process!

Babies love the computer, as most parents have found out to their detriment when a misplaced finger on a key causes havoc with work! The easiest solution: Get the baby her own ‘computer’! According to some research done in this field, very young babies can also learn a lot with the right infant-appropriate software!

Your baby will amaze you with a keytopper that young children can easily hold on to! When your baby matches the picture of the dog on the screen with the sound ‘dog’, you’ll feel so proud of your little one! Babies can also pick out a melody from several options, and differentiate shapes such as circles and rectangles with only a little guidance!

Babies tend to pick the basic of math quite quickly. A three year old will show you how he can count to ten and match certain shapes with certain numbers. It’s quite astounding! These LeapPad systems are remarkable, be it in English or in Spanish!

With Dr. Seuss, babies start learning with learning toys at a very young age! The Wocket in My Pocket is a prime example of this, with many games that teach the little one and exercise his imagination with all the letters, pictures and rhymes. Beginning phonics enables babies to relate certain sounds to their meanings, and form the foundation of the language that the baby will learn.

The Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum is another learning toy that will teach your baby the alphabet in no time! Every baby likes to make a lot of noise by thumping a drum! And as they thump this drum, a letter of the alphabet appears with lights and sounds which fascinate the baby! Instead of wanting the noise to stop, you’ll actively encourage it! Of course, parents will be grateful for the volume knob on the drum!

The LittleTouch Learning System is another favorite with most parents. The pioneer of the electronic baby book, this learning baby toy is made of a durable plastic covering the electronic circuits within. The thick pages offer an assortment of music, words, rhymes and phrases which induce the baby to start on the learning path sooner than ever! Even your six month old will love pressing the buttons and pages and watching the animated characters and texts materialize!

And if you collect these LittleTouch books, you’ll have a complete set from which your child will learn to recognize shapes, numbers, alphabets and colors! And what’s more, your child’s reading capabilities will develop that much faster!

If you take a look at all the learning baby toys available today, you might just want to re-enter your childhood! Get the best of them for your little baby.

Exciting Science Toys For Your Little Ones!

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Babies begin to learn from the moment they leave the womb. They learn to breathe, to open their eyes, to recognize their mothers. They explore their new world through sight, sound, smell, taste and feel. And as they grow, they learn about cause and effect, about noticeable patterns, about recognition of colors and so on. For little children, learning is a form of entertainment, and this entertainment is best provided by the large variety of science toys available today!

The Meteor Storm Globe is endlessly fascinating for your little one! Pressing the knob switches it on, and it lights up marvelously using the colorful LED lights that are housed within! When the baby holds the Meteor Storm Globe, it blazes into light, and when they let go, it stops! It’s a simple science toy which offers a lot of entertainment to your tot!

The Barbie Globe from Oregon Scientific is another science baby toy which can be used to teach geography to your kids! This interactive globe works by pressing on any continent and selecting a category such as People and Customs, Animals, Food, Language, Geography and so on. This electronic toy will hold your 3 year old spellbound with all the colorful lights and sounds. It also has a LCD display at the base which shows images as the red LED on the globe lets your child track his path! The Barbie Globe also contains a Barbie Travel Book!

Biology is a favorite with most kids, and giving them the Eyeclops handheld microscope is the right way to go about teaching it! To see any object of your choice magnified two hundred times, place it under the lens after plugging the Eyeclops into the TV. It is also an ideal way to have fun and learn lots about nature; leaves, insects, mushrooms!

The inflatable butterfly is fifty times its actual size. And if you get the whole set: egg, caterpillar, cocoon and adult butterfly, your children can have fun with them as well as learn about the lifecycles of this striking creature! Included with the inflatable butterfly set is a repair kit and activity guide. This colorful creature will provide hours of entertainment for your kids, as well as the chance to learn something new!

The Anatomy Apron is made out of washable vinyl and is ideal for an anatomy lesson! Covered with color illustrations of the body organs such as the lungs, heart, liver, stomach and kidneys, the Anatomy Apron consists of detachable organs which attach with Velcro and enable your child to play surgeon! Young kids are enthralled by the look of their body organs! The Anatomy Apron contains a teacher’s guide and activity booklet for kids too.

Small stethoscopes for kids prove to be very entertaining, allowing your child to play doctor and listen to their own heartbeats and yours too! Built with a durable listening circle and secure ear buds, this stethoscope works almost as well as the real model! Your kids will try it out on anyone and everyone they can get, including your dog, cat, hamster and so on!

Encourage your little scientist to learn more with the mesmerizing Mysterious Magnet Tube! Consisting of iron filings which are safely enclosed by the tube, it will provide hours of entertainment for your child as he learns all about the essence of magnets and the shapes magnets make with iron filings! With the Mysterious Magnet Tube is included an activity book with lots of entertaining activities for the little one!

The 48-piece Solar System Puzzle is another remarkable discovery that provides fun for one and all! This puzzle is quite large: 36″ by 24″, and is quite interesting for kids! Made of durable and thick cardboard, your kids will really enjoy learning everything about the planets!

Purchase any of these science toys, and you’ll see your child bloom with knowledge! Children are by nature, inquisitive, and getting them science toys will actively fuel this inquisitiveness and enable them to have fun in the process!

Electronic Baby Toys And DVDs For Today’s Child

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As time goes by, we move more and more into an age where advances in technological use have become the norm. Computers, DVDs, TVs, Video Games and the like are utilized more than ever before. And in this age, our children are also learning to get the hang of this ‘new-fangled’ technology faster than we did! Most child experts do not condone exposing children to these gadgets early on, but parents have different ideas! They go all out to buy the best in electronic toys for their kids. Why is this?

Simple! A parent wants his child to have the latest stimulation and education gadgets for the young mind. Different from toys which only keep the baby happy, electronic baby toys enhance the imagination of the babies and develop their minds! After all, learning should be an interesting process! Also, amusing your child with these toys is much easier with all the special effects available today. So you really can have the best of both worlds!

Sesame Street was one of the pioneers of this whole concept. Sesame Street’s colorful and fun-loving characters form an exciting platform for both education as well as amusement. Their adventures enable children to exercise their imaginations as well as learn along with Elmo and his friends! Even today, Elmo remains a favorite electronic baby toy of every child in the Western World.

Many parents use video as a technique to occupy their babies while they take a short break. While video can be used as an amusement feature for the baby, it should not be taken to excess! Television and video can be used to start off the learning process at a very young age. A DVD for babies has a full cacophony of sounds, kaleidoscope of colors and colorful dancing creatures having awesome adventures that babies would never get to experience otherwise!

Electronic toys promote learning. Young babies at eighteen months start grabbing the concept of counting. A baby will sense and tell you that one and one make two ones! However, at this age, the concept of numbers is alien, and begins to develop later. A DVD is therefore an ideal way to promote this knowledge. This DVD will also work in exercising their imaginations and serve to entertain them to no end!

However, electronics and videos have a larger role in your baby’s life than simple education. They actively stimulate the imagination, enhance mental capabilities and encourage exploration of the world around the baby. Apart from DVDs, video players and computers also act as stimulation tools to encourage the child by using both sensory as well as emotional education and fun!

By giving your child electronic toys, you are actively giving him an interaction tool which stimulates and develops touch, sight and hearing capabilities of the baby. They encourage color differentiation, sound differentiation, pressure distinction and comparison of other aspects of the baby’s world. Babies also learn, albeit unknowingly, about the concept of cause and effect. These are the most basic skills which are the starting point of informal learning.

Babies tend to observe and imitate characters that are fascinating and wondrous to them. Elmo, Thomas the Train and even Barney are favorites who encourage your baby to learn his ABCs. What parent will not want their child to learn through fun and entertainment? This is where DVDs and Videos come into the picture! Where is Elmo? Why, he’s right here on this DVD!

Your baby needs the best and most exciting start in life. And electronic toys such as baby DVDs are just the way to provide it!

Characters and Action Figure Heroes For Your Baby

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Since time immemorial, children have always loves the concept of dashing heroes! They love fantasizing about being the action figures and heroes that they see in comic books, video games and TV. Many times, it’s a crime-fighting action hero like Spiderman or Batman. Or else, it’s a jolly man like Thomas the Train or one of his friends! Whatever the type of action figure, one thing is common: even babies love them!

Barbie has always been a popular choice with girls’ right from childhood! One of the most favorite baby girl toys, Barbie grows up with the baby too. The vast range of Barbie dolls with different costumes and accessories prove that there isn’t anything that Barbie cannot do, which is why most children love it! Barbie in combats is also an action hero, after all!

Barbie can start off her day as a ballerina and graduate to becoming a business executive, and then dress up for a date with her Ken. On weekends, Barbie teaches soccer, which proves that she can do almost anything! Barbie is a baby girl toy which will entertain and amuse your little one up until her teens and beyond!

Spiderman is also a favorite with both girls and boys. A cool crime fighter with a costume, he flies high between buildings looking for justice! Stylish and graceful, Spiderman rules the hearts of children all over the world. The Spiderman chopper trike lets your child run along the patio, whilst the Spiderman bed lounger acts as an inducement for your child to go to sleep with his best superhero!

Younger children prefer Thomas & Friends, because Thomas is so jolly and fun! Friends like Rosie the tomboy tanker have helped to popularize Thomas, as have all the log loaders, oil tankers and the battery-operated Salty Engine! And once Rusty reunites with the whole construction gang, they all go zooming down the tracks!

Elmo is another major favorite of kids from all over the world, or rather, from everywhere where Sesame Street is featured on TV! The colorful character, orange face and huge eyes that Elmo sports draw kids in, along with his charm. Elmo software is ideal for starting off your child at the computer, while Elmo alphabet games help your child learn the alphabet and have heaps of fun along the way! Your child can learn to doodle and write the alphabet using the Elmo coloring book, which is both durable and washable. Great, isn’t it!

Winnie the Pooh is a big softie loved by kids for his funny antics with honey, clumsiness and above all, his lovability! Winnie doesn’t fight crime, but he does have fun on various adventures that happen during excursions in the forest! Tigger doll is bouncing his body off, while Roo watches in wonder from the security of Kanga’s pouch. All the while Piglet is shaking his head in absolute amazement! Buy your child the Winnie the Pooh Dough Bucket so they can make and enjoy these delightful creatures all by themselves!
Babies love all sorts of action figures. So get some, and watch your child develop his personality! It’s that easy!

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