Making a Footprint Baby Photo Frame For Happy Memories

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Given the amount of pictures proud parents take of their little one, they can never have to many baby photo frames. With each stage of the baby’s development, there is another round of photos to be framed. This on-going process requires rather a lot of frames.

With this in mind, isn’t it a good idea to make your own? Not only will you always have a frame for the photos of your baby, but they will be beautifully unique and special. If you are a bit short of ideas for your frames, why not create a baby photo frame using your baby’s footprint? It really is very simple to do and the result is priceless.

We all know how quickly they grow up. We almost take it for granted then, in a blink of an eye, they have changed and developed a little bit more making us even more determined to hold on to these precious times.

Well, you can do just that by taking an imprint of the tiny foot and forever have that memory of when your child was just a little baby.

Obviously, you will want to do this with the least upset to your baby. There are a few different methods so you can choose which one you feel the most comfortable with.

It is essential NOT to use regular plaster for the imprint of your child’s foot, as the plaster becomes hot upon setting and may burn the foot. The delicate skin of the baby is very sensitive so it is important to be very careful with the materials used.

A much easier and safer method to take the foortprint is to use an ink kit containing no toxins that will harm you baby’s skin. Not only do these particular ink kits take the imprint very well, they are also easy to clean off.

You can use any size of photo frame, but you might want to consider using a larger frame to allow for an intricate imprint of the foot and a decent sized picture of your baby.

Within the ink kit, you will find supplies for the mold which do not heat during the setting process, also setting rapidly. It is all very quick and simple and you are then ready to complete the baby photo frame. You can easily buy baby photo frames with little baby imprints already on but it is not the same when it is not your own. You can have your own baby footprint photo frame that will last a lifetime and help you relive these precious moments that are gone way too fast.

Start Your Own Plaster Baby Photo Frame Business For Additional Income

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How nice would it be to have another significant income making something you love? Most people could do with a little extra income and if you don’t – lucky you, but you might also want to put some of these artistic skills to use and start you own little business.

Many people who begin their own business start out small and with some effort can make it there primary income allowing them to give up the day job and continue something that they are passionate about. Starting a business in plaster baby photo frames need not be out of your range, with a bit of know-how you could be on your way to eliminating these money worries.

Probably the best way to start is producing the photo frames yourself. If you enjoy dabbling in this kind of craft work then you are already one step ahead of the game. Continue to use the materials you are happy with to build up a stock.

In order to multiply your stock faster, rather than making each frame individually, create a cast of the frame with sculpting clay. This way you can use the cast to make many photo frames simply by pouring the plaster into the cast. The frames will then be left to dry and voila!

If you don’t feel too comfortable making the photo cast yourself, you can outsource the job to a professional sculptor who will be given the exact details of what you require. Once you have your cast, then you are in business.

You may want a rubber cast to work with. This is simply a matter of pouring liquid rubber onto the clay sculpture and letting it set. Once it has fully formed, remove the rubber cast from the sculpture and the cast is complete and fit to use.

Don’t worry about how you will gain access to the materials you will need. A craft shop near you should be able to provide you with the clay for the sculpture and any regular hardware store should have the materials for making the plaster baby photo frames.

For all the materials you require to get started on your photo frames should only cost you around $40, not bad for allowing you to get started immediately.

After you have your cast made, check that it is completely level to prevent the plaster from spilling over. Again, this is a pretty simple process. Using a large pot and fill with kitty litter (clean obviously). Firmly place your cast face down on top of the litter making sure that all areas are touching and it is level.

This is fine for smaller casts. If you are thinking about making larger casts then sand might be a better material.

Next, you can begin mixing the plaster using the instructions on the pack. Remember to follow the instructions perfectly, the mixture should be reasonably thin for pouring.

The mixture mustn’t be left in the cast until it is completely dry or you may have a job getting it out. Just leave it to set a bit and until there is no stickiness, then remove for air drying. Leave to air dry for a good 24 hours just to be on the safe side.

After the 24 hour period, you will be ready to paint and decorate your frames. It is best to use white paint for a base to give your main coat of paint an smoother and more even surface. Remember to keep your materials away from animals and children, it is also best to use non-toxic paint.

Using acrylic paint for your frames follow with a spray coat of clear paint to finish. Once you have a system in place, you will be able to go through this process with more frames at a quicker pace and before you know it you will be ready to set up shop. You should be able to make a profit quickly as each frame will cost next to nothing to make. Pretty simple huh?

A Baby Photo Frame Gift For Every Occasion

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Giving gifts is fun for both parties, the receiver gets an exciting new item to enjoy and the giver gets satisfaction from giving joy to their friend or family. It’s a shame there wasn’t a set list of gifts to choose from to make finding a gift that bit easier, however, there are certain gifts that are universally appreciated.

One of those gifts is the humble photo frame. Everybody takes pictures of their loved ones and there are always certain pictures that just have to be framed. You really can never have too many photo frames and with the wealth of variations to choose from, you can pick a special frame to fit the personality of the receiver.

Giving baby photo frames as a gift at a baby shower is a very popular idea. The amount of pictures doting parents take of their little one is off the scale and each and every one is worthy of being framed. Due to this, a baby photo frame gift is ideal.

There are plenty of other occasions that are also perfect for a baby photo frame as a gift. It is quite popular for friends to present a friend who is having a 30th or 40th birthday party to frame a baby photo for fun and memories. Why should we forget this precious time in our lives?

Again, for younger kids having a special 16th or 18th birthday party, it is nice to give them a cute picture of when there were a baby in a beautiful frame to keep.

Not forgetting older people too. Some of the old sepia type pictures have great character and seem magical somehow. Why not surprise your grandmother or your parents, depending on their age, with a lovely picture of when they were a child. The thoughtfulness of this type of present goes a long way.

Another great opportunity for giving a baby photo frame as a gift is for your child when they first set off for the big wide world or for university. This will bring back fond memories of their childhood and can be a treasured item for when they are feeling a bit homesick.

Instead of prior to university, how about a baby photo frame for graduation. They will be feeling very grown up and prepared for the world but they know they are just a child in their parent’ eyes and can depend on you when times are tough.

Any special occasion that sees your child overcoming a new hurdle or entering into a new phase of their life can be a great time for a baby picture frame for a gift. A wedding day is one in particular. Thoughts of having their own children may not be too far in the distance but it is still nice to know you are also someone else’s child and will always be loved unconditionally.

Favorite colours and decoration help make the gift that bit more special. There are no rules to what makes a nice photo frame and that’s what makes it so unique to the individual. If you can’t find a photo frame that you love in stores near you, have a look online. With this excellent resource you are sure to find something special.

With many occasions to perfectly suit a baby photo frame, you have a gift idea that will keep on giving.

Make Your Own Unique, Quality Scrapbook Baby Photo Frame

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Scrapbooking is one of the most popular craft hobbies going. There really is something for everyone with this activity and you don’t have to be artistically gifted to enjoy it ,just a desire to use your creativity. You can use literally any material for scrap booking as long as they are free of acid to prevent damage to the photos in the long-term.

Some people do not realise the importance of using acid free materials for scrap booking. It is such a shame to put all that work and effort, not to mention priceless photos that possibly you don’t have a copy, and have it go to waste because of acid damage. When you are looking for the materials you will need, just look out for the acid free label, most these days are, but just be sure.

Using some of the pages from your scrap book is an excellent method to create a one off photo baby frame that money cannot buy. Following are few handy tips for this process.

One of the materials perfect for making frames is polymer clay. Sculptors frequently use this substance as it is very easy to work with and highly effective. Use pre-rolled canes of the polymer clay with a color that will combine well with the scrapbook. These canes can be sliced thinly like a cucumber, each slice roughly the same width to make the frames. Once you have your slices, simply position them in an outline of the shape you wish your frame to be.

Once you have the frame carefully positioned it is time to put in the oven. You will have an instruction leaflet with your clay to guide you through this part. Once the baby photo frame has cooled down, it may be put to use using tape.

You can also use transparency sheets of varying colors with ink stamps to make beautiful patterns for a truly unique baby photo frame for your scrapbook. You should be able to locate these supplies at any local stationers or post office.
There are so many ink stamps to choose from with different colors to fit in with your theme. It is very simple but effective.

One you have selected a transparency sheet, cut it down to size before you get to work using the stamp. You might want to leave cutting out the middle for the baby photo until you have completed the work to give you more room, although it is up to you and what you feel is easiest.

It really is that simple to create fantastic baby photo frames and these two techniques should really help to get the creative side of you into action.