Shopping Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

March 29, 2009 by  
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Everyone loves shopping for baby shower gifts, as it gives the opportunity to ‘awww’ at all the cute and tiny necessities for a new baby. Although we’d love to give the expectant mom every little thing we find, there are ways to purchase baby shower gifts that she really needs and wants.

It is absolutely acceptable to ask the mother-to-be if she has any specific baby shower gifts she would like to receive. Another great source is the host of the baby shower – this will prevent a shy mother from feeling embarrassed if she feels she may seem presumptuous. This also allows her to be truly surprised on the day of her celebration.

There are plenty of baby gear stores that offer baby shower gift registries. You may also simply look online at a few of the major ones to see if the mother’s name is located there. This way, you don’t need to ask the host about the existence of one unless you can’t find it yourself.

These registries have an entire list of baby shower gifts that the mother picked out herself, and typically incorporate a general theme or color palette that appeals to her. A variety of price levels allows even the most modest budget to find something that mom needs and will love!

The gifts are also typically grouped together by department – say, bath time or clothing items. This way, if you are particularly keen on finding a specific type of gift, you’ll know which area to look in.

Each item has a corresponding UPC number listed on the tag, as well as a description. Remember that if you ever have a problem locating these items that you can always ask an associate in the store. Another option may simply be to shop for the baby shower gift through the online store; this way, there’s no searching – you simply click the picture of what you want, and choose to have it shipped or kept for an in-store pickup.

Baby shower gift registries do prevent the possibility of duplicate gifts and additional time and effort on the mother’s part to exchange anything she doesn’t like. Of course, guests may feel this is an impersonal way to choose a baby shower gift, and want to give mother and baby something a little more unique.

Engraved and personalized gifts are especially unique, and perfect for baby showers held after the birth. This allows for including the birth date, length and weight, and full name of baby for a special keepsake memoir.

As a host, simply planning and putting on the baby shower is considered a gift in itself. This is perhaps one of the most elaborate and costly baby shower gifts that exist. However, a baby shower corsage for the guest of honor is a great little touch that can be added for just a few dollars. Coordinate the corsage with other floral arrangements used at the baby shower, or simply choose her favorite color or flower.