Planning a Baby Shower Before Delivery

August 4, 2009 by  
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Baby shower parties are great fun for everyone involved – mom, baby, friends, family and even host. The key is to plan accordingly and be prepared for everything, but if a strict planning schedule is adhered to, the day of the baby shower will go much smoother and cause fewer headaches.

The first consideration for hosting a baby shower before baby arrives is to choose a date. This should typically be planned for 6 to 8 weeks before the mom’s expected due date. This will give plenty of time for mom to organize her new gifts and supplies, and will also allow time for unexpected late-term events (such as an early delivery!).

After choosing the date, remember this should allow you, the host, 6 to 8 weeks to plan the baby shower properly. Guest lists, determining if any the baby shower theme, and reserving the location should be immediately addressed. Baby shower invitations should be ordered, a proposed menu should be compiled, and the expectant mother should give you the details of her baby gift registry.

Invitations should be sent 4 to 6 weeks prior to the baby shower party, and games and activities should be planned. Baby shower favors, baby shower decorations and baby shower tableware should be purchased and are always able to be coordinated with each other for a great baby shower theme throughout.

Reservations need to be confirmed three weeks before the shower. However, if you’re having it in your home, start to borrow and gather the appropriate number of chairs and tables, serving supplies and platters for the party.

One week before the baby shower, make an outline of the schedule of the party, including eating, opening gifts, socialization, and games. If anyone has not RSVP’d, contact them and finalize the guest count. Order the baby shower cake, flowers, and start cleaning your home if it’s to be held there.

You should also start shopping for menu items, and prepare anything that can be frozen beforehand. Call friends and family of the expectant mother, and coordinate transportation to help her get all of her gifts home afterward.

Two days before the shower, if you are holding it in your home, begin to arrange furniture and prepare a spot for the guest of honor. You may also begin decorating with paper goods and flowers. Call and confirm the baby shower cake, any reservations for a location, and begin prepping the food.

The day before the baby shower, finish preparing all food, and finish cleaning your house. Find the most comfortable chair possible for the expectant mom to have a seat, and get any disposable cameras ready. Blow up or order balloons to mark the location of the party, and prepare any exterior signs. Also, make sure you have plenty of trash cans available for paper plates and cups, as well as gift wrap paper.

Finally, on the day of the shower, pick up the cake, any balloons and flowers, and set out the signs directing guests to the baby shower location. Place the food and beverages out, and begin greeting guests as they arrive. It’s also a great idea to have a schedule of activities to keep the baby shower party atmosphere moving along and ensure you don’t forget anything!