Photographing and Recording the Baby Shower

August 1, 2009 by  
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Baby showers are a time that the expectant mother will want to capture memories to look fondly on in the future. Every party includes at least one guest that is constantly snapping photographs, but this can’t be counted on for an official photographic record of the day.

The host is much too busy to take pictures during the baby shower, too. Her duty is to ensure guests and the expectant mother are taken care of and comfortable, and everything goes according to plan. One helpful option, if the budget allows for it, is to hire a professional photographer to snap great photos of the baby shower. Perhaps a package deal will also be available for adding videography to the mix, too.

Professional photographers will definitely offer a high-quality product, but may be booked months ahead of time. They do come at a premium price, but if the host can afford this expense it’s definitely worth investigating. If this is something the host wants to pursue, the photographer should be contracted 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time.

Other options may include simply recruiting the father of the baby or other male family member that can take videos and pictures of the event; he can even ask the guests to offer an individual piece of advice for the expectant parents to be recorded on the video.

A great and inexpensive option is simply purchasing disposable cameras for guests to snap pictures with periodically. These cameras are often available in great baby shower themes, and can easily be coordinated with all decorations used at the baby shower celebration.

Don’t forget that the cost of developing the film in these cameras should also be factored in. However, photos taken by the guests themselves often offer interesting and unique shots of family and friends that mom will enjoy later on.

You may decide to construct a scrapbook or post the photos online for all of the guests to see later. This is also a great way for any who were unable to attend to feel as if they were still included. Technology has offered several ways to share these photos on the Internet, and simply requires you to send e-mail invitations to guests with a link to the album. They may be required to choose a username and password, but can view and have the option to print any photos they please.

Websites that offer online photo albums may also have great digital baby shower theme designs, too. This option also starts an online area where everyone can visit to view photos of the new baby after delivery. Simply snap a few photos of him or her at the hospital, and upload them to the baby photo album. All guests who visited the album before will receive a message that it has been updated.

Don’t forget to choose one of the best photos, or one of you and the expectant mother, to order a print of. Have it set in a baby shower theme frame, and give it to her as a special memoir of her special day!