Ideas for Where to Throw a Baby Shower Party

July 29, 2009 by  
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If you’re in charge or part of the lucky group who is hosting a baby shower party for the expectant mom, you know that one of the most important decisions to make is where to hold the shower. This location will be determined by the date and time you choose to have the party, as well as the approximate number of guests you’re expecting to cater to.

Sometimes, your home may be most appropriate. However, if you live very far away from where the guests will be traveling from or are expecting more guests that you can host in your home, you’ll need other ideas for where to have it.

Perhaps there’s a well-known restaurant that will rent out a large room, and provide the menu for you, too. Churches and clubs usually have meeting or banquet rooms available, conference rooms in office buildings, cafeterias, and even clubhouses at a friend’s apartment community are great places to host a baby shower.

You need to ensure you’re reserving the place to have the baby shower far enough in advance. This needs to be completed prior to sending invitations – about 6 to 8 weeks before your proposed baby shower party date.

If you’re considering holding the party at your home, consider carefully if you really can accommodate everyone on the guest list. Yes, it’s common that not everyone will attend, but it’s best to plan on the maximum number attending as possible. There are always last minute RSVPs, and some may even bring their older children or other family members with them.

Take a look at your furniture and determine how it should be rearranged to accommodate everyone. Do you have enough parking room for everyone, too? Is your home located in a hard-to-find area? Do you have pets that the expectant mother or guests may be allergic to? Where will the mom sit and open her gifts in front of everyone?

You may also be able to hold the baby shower outside if the weather is expected to be agreeable. If you have a large and appealing yard, this may be the ideal option.

Now, if your home simply won’t accommodate the guests and an outdoor baby shower party is not possible, it’s time to start inquiring at local churches, restaurants and other clubhouses. Church locations and clubhouses will often offer full kitchens to prepare and serve food to the guests, and will most likely be less expensive than a restaurant.

These types of locations also need to be reserved very far ahead of time, as they book quickly. Also remember you may need to submit a cash deposit, and plan for cleaning up after the baby shower. Try recruiting friends and family to stay afterward to help, and plan on arriving the day prior or a couple of hours ahead of time to decorate the facility.

Some may even offer decoration rentals for an additional fee, so inquire about this possibility, too. In the long run, it may save money and prevent you from having an entire stock of baby shower decorations in your attic later on!