Deciding Whether to Host a Surprise Baby Shower

March 29, 2009 by  
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Baby showers are a great way to socialize, congratulate and celebrate with the expectant mother and father. Traditionally, these parties are held in the mother’s honor to bring friends and family members together to help her get ready for the coming baby and changes, and most first-time moms will most likely expect a shower at some point.

This may present a problem when deciding whether to throw a surprise baby shower and risk making her feel as if no one is having a party for her. Regardless, the mother’s personality and personal preferences will need to be considered before making this decision. Not all mothers are suited for a surprise baby shower party, so keep this in mind.

That being said, as the host of the party, it truly is your decision to make. You should know the mother well enough to determine if she will enjoy a surprise baby shower or not. You’ll also know what types of activities, baby shower themes, decorations and menu items she’ll most likely prefer.

Another consideration should be whether the mother can physically handle a surprise baby shower. If she is having a high-risk pregnancy or experiencing difficulty, it may be best to stick with a planned party she is fully aware of and involved in the planning process.

If you decide to throw her a surprise baby shower, a little extra planning may be in order. The advantage is that she will never need to worry about her own baby shower, and you’ll simply have the pleasure of treating her like a queen for a day.

First, recruit another close friend or family member of the mother to plan an activity with her on the planned day of the event. This should keep her from suspecting anything, and the co-conspirator can ensure that she arrives at the surprise baby shower.

The guest list should also be checked with both a close friend and family member of the mother to ensure everyone is included that should be. Also, all guests should be informed of the surprise baby shower so as not to ruin it later! Cars should always be parked far away from the party location. Also remember that planning a surprise baby shower for a second or third pregnancy will be easier to handle, as mom most likely won’t even be expecting one!

There are some instances where a surprise baby shower should not be planned. If you know the mother at all, you should know whether she’s the type that would enjoy a surprise or not. Some just simply don’t like to be surprised, and want to know of everything, so keep her personality in mind.

If the baby’s deliver date is impending, it may not be a great idea to plan a surprise baby shower, either. These are best planned for at least 2 months before the expected due date, in case of an early delivery or any last-minute complications.