Baby Showers for Second, Third or Subsequent Children

July 20, 2009 by  
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When an expectant mother becomes pregnant after having a first child, there is some question as to whether to hold a baby shower for her. Typically, baby shower parties are thrown in the mother’s honor to ‘shower’ her with gifts to prepare for baby’s arrival. After having one or more children, many mothers may already have much of the needed furniture and related baby supplies required to care for baby properly.

There are some alternatives for baby showers for these subsequent pregnancies. The real purpose of a shower is to celebrate the impending or recent arrival of a new baby, and allows friends and family to gather and socialize.

One great idea is to de-emphasize gifts, or tell guests that they are not necessary. Unless the mother has a dire need for some of the basics, simply encourage everyone to gather and celebrate the growing family and good health of the mother and baby.

Another option may be to simply host a baby shower after the birth, and make the baby the center of attention. Everyone can come to see and hold the baby, and ask mother about how she’s holding up during her crazy schedule after birth.

You can even call the party something other than a baby shower. It may be an ‘It’s a Girl!’ party or ‘It’s a Boy!’ celebration. You could even send out birthday invitations to celebrate the baby’s ‘0’ birthday – this way, you’ll be able to include the baby’s name and stats measured at birth. Giving the baby his or her first birthday party prior to their first birthday will truly be unique!

Let guests know that gifts are optional, but if they want to bring something, it could be necessities like diapers, washcloths or bottles. Some guests may even bring personalized gifts with the birth date, full name, and length and weight at birth.

You may also focus on throwing a ‘Mommy Party’ or ‘Pamper Party’, and continue to focus on mom by encouraging gifts aimed solely at comforting and pampering her. Spa and beauty products, comfy loungewear, gift certificates and even home treatment tools are all wonderful accessories for mom to use to escape for just a little while.

The tone of one of these baby showers can be much more casual, organized as a simple afternoon get-together at the host’s home. Eating great food, socializing and seeing the new baby will be the focus of the party.

Guests can even bring everyday essentials to help mom and dad get along after the birth. These may include things like frozen dinner entrees for easy cooking, gift certificates for a ‘date night’ for mom and dad, or homemade certificates for a free night of babysitting or day of housecleaning.

If you’re wondering whether or not to host a baby shower for a second or third child, the answer is ‘Absolutely!’. Simply ask mom before the birth what type of party she would prefer, and go from there. You may also want to make this decision yourself if you know her personality well enough, and organize a surprise party in her and the baby’s honor for a special treat.