Baby Shower Cakes Create Unique Packaging for a Variety of Baby Gifts

March 14, 2009 by  
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If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift, consider a baby shower cake; no, not the kind everyone will eat for dessert, but the kind that is filled with layers upon layers of useful baby gifts including diapers, bottles, rattles, toys and clothes.

These baby shower gifts are actually crafted to resemble a tiered formal cake. However, instead of making these layers of traditional cake ingredients, they are constructed of diapers that will never go to waste!

Your gift will be the center of attention and considered the most original yet! These diaper baby shower gift cakes offer a great way to give the expectant mother a much-needed gift that will not soon be forgotten.

These baby gifts are typically given in their own gift box, so your cake will be both a huge surprise and a great way to store the diapers for use. Other useful items such as teething rings, bottles and toys are used to create color and decorative design on the cake layers, but it is constructed so that mom can use one diaper at a time from the baby shower cake.

Other baby shower gifts can also be presented in this unique design, simply by filling the layers with toys and clothes, or other items from the mother’s baby gift registry. As she uses the diapers from the outside edge, she’ll be surprised to find a special surprise in the “filling”.

Practical baby gifts, other than those on the registry, may also be used in the baby shower cake layers. Hygienic and bathing supplies such as ointment, baby powder and lotion, and baby wipes could be included. These cakes are typically at least two feet tall, so they can hold plenty of useful items for mom and baby.

You can purchase these cakes already made, or construct them yourself. Many contain two or three tiers, and are pretty enough to serve as a decorative piece for the shower. Everyone will take pictures and sing your praises for thinking of such an adorable baby shower gift!

Other themes may be used in baby shower cakes as well. Consider not only using practical items and clothes; you may also construct a cake with keepsake items to commemorate the baby’s first years, or use decorative items that can be placed in the baby’s room. Place it on a personalized silver platter for display, and include ceramic alphabet blocks to spell out the baby’s name or initials for future use.

Many will be unable to forego the teddy bear baby shower cake. This cake is full of onesies, booties, caps, towels and other gifts, and topped off with a stuffed teddy that will surely be a snuggly toy for the baby!

Baby shower cakes come in all shapes and sizes, and contain virtually any gift you can think of. Take a look at all of your choices available, or choose to construct your own around a gift you have already purchased. These cakes present by far the most unique way to gift wrap and present any baby shower gift.