Finding the Perfect Baby Shower Invitations

March 29, 2009 by  
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Baby showers are a very special occasion, and it’s important to choose just the right baby shower invites to formally request the presence of everyone on the guest list. Written baby shower invitations are appropriate, but there may be instances where printed baby shower invitations or e-mailed invites may suit the situation better.

Of course, in the case of a surprise shower and interest in avoiding the expectant mother discovering any evidence of the planning, you may also simply invite guests via a quick and personal phone call.

You may choose to custom-order baby shower invitations in the case that there is a specific baby shower theme you want to incorporate. Of course, you may find cheap baby shower invitations or simply print some from online sources, as well.

There are a few things you should ensure the baby shower invites include, no matter which type you use. You should include the most detailed information possible about the baby shower party, including the fact that you are celebrating the birth of a child. Always include the mother’s name, the full name of the host, necessary dates and times of both the party and RSVP deadlines, and the location.

You may also want to include general directions to the location of the baby shower from the nearest major road to aid guests in finding it efficiently. If you choose to exclude children from the celebration, you’ll need to state this in the baby shower invitations.

Some hosts receive mixed reviews about whether the baby shower theme or gift registry information should also be included in the baby shower invites. Another option is to always allow guests to call or e-mail to inquire about this information. This prevents the guest from feeling pressured to buy a gift, but if they feel it is appropriate can inquire as to where they should shop.

Any of this information should only be given when asked, and not simply with every RSVP call or e-mail received. These proper etiquette guidelines ensure that no guest will be offended and even in the most formal gatherings no one will feel as if the host was rude or presumptuous in any way.

The proposed timeline for sending baby shower invitations is also a point in question. Generally, the most notice you can give the guests, the better. Conversely, if you give them too much time they may forget. Most hosts will mail the baby shower invites 4 to 6 weeks before the shower date – this is sufficient for even out of town guests to plan accordingly.

If for some reason you are running on a tighter schedule, a 2 to 3 week minimum should be allowed for mailing invitations. This should still allow some time for guests to shop for baby shower gifts, adjust their schedules and travel, and RSVP to give you a final head count.

Of course, if you have not heard from every guest by a week before the party, pick up the phone and call them personally. Even after receiving a final guest count, you should still allow for a few last-minute guests that perhaps simply lost the invite or did not have time to RSVP.