Deciding Who to Invite to a Baby Shower

March 29, 2009 by  
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Obviously, friends and family will be included on a baby shower guest list. This party is planned in honor of the expectant mother, and these guests will be important for her to have in attendance on her special day.

As the host of the baby shower party, you’ll need to consult the mom well ahead of time to determine how many people, as well as who she would like to invite. This will help to determine your budget and the size of venue you’ll need to accommodate everyone, as well as whether she wants co-workers or old classmates there, too.

You want to ensure that everyone she’d like to be there is at least sent an invitation, and unwanted guests are left off of the final list. Although a larger list means more expenses, it’s best to foot the extra dollars to include everyone she wants there, so don’t limit the number of people she can invite to her own baby shower. Most mothers will realize the costs involved, and show you the same respect by not inviting a hundred people.

However, if you’re planning a surprise baby shower, there are a few general guidelines to follow when coming up with a guest list. Of course, her closest family members and friends will need to be included. Your list will also be affected by whether someone else is having a baby shower for the expectant mother.

If co-workers are planning a baby shower party, you may not need to include them on your list. If a side of her family lives far away and holds a baby shower for her there, you may be able to exclude them and only include family and friends that are located nearby.

It’s also very popular today to plan a co-ed or couples baby shower so the men can be involved, too. If appropriate baby shower décor and activities are planned, all are able to have a wonderful time. This type of baby shower may be planned as more of an informal barbecue or picnic get-together as well. These types of baby showers are typically acceptable in a more casual style, and allows for even a pitch-in type of menu.

Men love to eat, and the more variety there is available, the more they’ll enjoy themselves. You may also consider planning a separate activity for the men to partake in while the women watch the guest of honor open her gifts.

Some special considerations may also cause questions about your proposed guest list. As a celebration of a new life being brought into the world, there may be question about whether to include an individual or couple who recently lost a child/pregnancy, or have been unable to conceive their own much-wanted children.

The simple way to answer this is with a resounding ‘yes!’. It will be up to them to decide whether to attend, but it’s simply rude not to at least include them on the guest list to share in the mother’s special baby shower celebrations.