Ideas for Unique Games to Play at a Baby Shower

March 29, 2009 by  
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Everyone loves a great baby shower – guests are able to socialize and visit with old friends and distant family, eat great food, play unique baby shower games, and watch the expectant mom open all of her baby shower gifts. If you’re planning the party, it’s a good estimate that it will last for 2 to 3 hours; you’ll need to have plenty of activities planned for the guests to prevent any embarrassing lulls in the pace of the shower.

When planning a baby shower, remember that as everyone arrives they’ll want to say hello and talk with all the other guests and expectant mom. Allow for some time to socialize and catch up with everyone before moving on to the food.

The menu does not need to be elaborate or formal, but a few munchies or finger foods are ideal for snacking. The time of day that the baby shower is planned for will largely determine the type of foods you offer the guests. However, the cake will usually be reserved for the end of the party, so everyone has a photo opportunity of the mom cutting her cake.

Baby shower games are always fun, and this is a great way to make your baby shower party unique and unlike any other. Just about any game that exists can be altered to be appropriate for a baby shower, or to fit the mother’s personality and the expected baby.

You should plan on at least a few different games to sufficiently keep the guests active and busy. These baby shower games should be planned at least a few weeks in advance to ensure you have plenty of supplies for all the guests expected. Door prizes also need to be purchased or collected for winners of each game, too.

One classic baby shower game is where everyone attempts to guess how big the expectant mom’s belly is with a roll of toilet paper. Another game idea is to fill a bottle with candy of some sort or cotton swabs (to be given to mother afterward, of course), and have everyone guess the number of them in the bottle.

Baby bingo is another unique baby shower game, as well as baby tic-tac-toe, and pin the pacifier on the baby. Free printable baby shower games are typically found online, and you may find some other unique baby shower game ideas on forums or dedicated websites.

Instead of games, you may also plan an activity. This may include the group making a special and personalized item for the expectant mother, and could involve everyone in making a scrapbook, quilt, or video documentary. Another idea is having everyone write a personalized message to mother and baby in an ‘advice book’ as an activity or simply as the guests arrive in the door.

If you’re planning a couples or men and women baby shower, make sure the baby shower games and activities will cater to the entire group. You may also simply want to plan the baby shower party as a group get-together, like a barbecue outdoors in the park or an ideal backyard.