Choosing Decorations to Compliment a Baby Shower Theme

March 29, 2009 by  
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Once you have spent time with the expectant mother to determine the ideal color scheme and theme for the baby shower, it’s time to plan for the appropriate baby shower decorations to coordinate. Depending upon your budget, the amount of and elaborate possibilities in decorations for the baby shower will be determined already.

Some party decorations will be quite affordable, and others will be more expensive, so these costs will need to be juggled accordingly to properly incorporate the theme into them. The location of the baby shower will also largely determine the types of decorations you’ll be able to use. Streamers may not be easy to hang from some types of ceilings, and others may simply be too large to fit in the allotted space.

Even the simplest of baby shower decorations can be used to create a wonderful space for the event. A few basics can be personalized to fit any baby shower theme, and make an impression with even the smallest budget available.

First, a great baby shower centerpiece is a balloon bouquet congratulating the mother, or announcing the impending birth. Other great baby shower decoration ideas including using inexpensive pink and/or blue balloons to mark directional signs on the day of the event, as well as the location itself to help guests identify it.

Balloons are one of the most inexpensive baby shower decoration ideas, as endless color options can be chosen to match any baby shower theme or color choice.

Paper goods and baby shower tableware will also be a large part of the decorating budget. The guests need to put their food and drink somewhere, and will also need utensils if required, but definitely will need them for the cake. Wonderful baby shower plates, napkins and cups can be found in virtually any theme you can think of, or you may simply choose to match a specific color scheme for a less expensive option.

After these basics are addressed, any tablecloths, banners and other special decorations will largely be dependant upon the area you are holding the baby shower, and your remaining budget. You can always splurge on a fancier baby shower cake, or find additional decorations to use throughout the baby shower party location. Baby shower centerpieces are available for girl baby showers, boy baby showers, and virtually any theme you may decide upon.

Confetti on the tables, themed baby shower favors and game prizes, and even special baby shower party hats may be additional decorative options. Flower arrangements, whether real or silk, can also be used to compliment the chosen colors, and placed on tables or on the gift table for added flair.

Candles, place cards and even chair covers may be used to create a more formal atmosphere for the baby shower theme. Always consider, too, that unless the baby shower will be held in your home, you’ll need to complete the decorating on the day of the event. You will need a few hours to finish the task, but don’t try to incorporate too many baby shower decorations for the time you’ve allotted.