Baby Shower Cakes: Sweet Treats for Sweet Times

April 7, 2009 by  
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A cute baby shower cake is a sweet way to cap a fun baby shower for the newest member of the family. Baby showers have become a tradition for heralding the arrival of a cute baby into the home. Fun games and decorations centered around baby stuff can make the affair festive and memorable but the best centerpiece is always the perfect baby shower diaper cake. Soon-to-be-moms will want the best baby shower cake so party planners always try to come up with unique and fresh ideas for baby shower cakes.

There are several baby shower cake designs you can find on the Internet. Most of these use everyday baby items you can find in any grocery. Diapers are the most common items because they are flexible and can be “molded” to fit any design.

Other common items that can be used for baby shower cakes are feeding bottles, baby clothes, baby lotions or baby wash, and diaper clips. Other baby items are also very handy. Rattles, teethers, and pacifiers can be used to add fun and color to the cake. You can also stock up on bows, ribbons, rubber bands, and other small stuff because you will probably need these in tying up your items for the baby shower cake.

You can only be limited by your imagination when it comes to baby shower cakes. The best way to get ideas is to look at pictures of baby shower cakes that others have made and try to look at how each item is used in the design. Then you can take off from there and create your own style.

The best way to start planning for a baby shower cake is to think of a general theme for the whole party and let the invitations, decorations, activities and the centerpiece cake revolve around the theme. This will set the atmosphere for the whole activity so choose a theme that will best fit the personality of the mom-to-be and the friends and family joining the party.

A sporty mom and her friends might want a playball diaper cake with little toy basketballs and baseballs as the central decorations. A Hawaiian-themed baby shower cake will be fun for the mom and her friends who love the beach and the outdoors. For this you will probably need a lot of colorful baby wash clothes and some tropical toy animals for effect. When cooking up a design do not stop at the mere “look” of the cake. Also try as much as practicable to use items that the baby will actually need as this is the essence of a diaper cake.

You can go from simple designs to multi-tiered diaper cakes that are almost good enough to eat! And who said diaper cakes cannot be edible. While baby shower cakes are created to be centerpieces of baby stuff, there is no stopping any creative mom or party host from adding edible cupcakes or jell-o cakes to make the centerpiece even more fun and exciting.

A baby shower party is a sweet celebration of a new life. With imagination and lots of creativity, you can easily come up with the perfect baby shower cake to top the occasion.