Interesting Halloween Costumes For Your Baby!

March 16, 2009 by  
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All parents with young babies must think about the right baby Halloween costume for their child come Fall! With your baby, you get the chance to become a kid too at Halloween! And no, this isn’t about dressing the babies in costume only to take pictures and exclaim over them! These Halloween costumes actually enable you to take your baby out for Trick or Treating!

Trick or Treating can prove to be as much fun now as it did when you were a kid when you take out your little one! Taking the baby out alone does have its disadvantages: It may get you some strange looks, since most people will figure out that the candy is only for you! Some may even wonder if you’re a responsible parent for feeding your little one candy! This is why you should take a few children along. If you haven’t any older children, ask your friends if you can tag along with them and their children! You’ll love the experience! And so will your baby!

When you buy a Halloween costume for your baby, the first thing you need to consider is whether it’s made of natural or synthetic fibres. Synthetic fabrics are likely to be flammable, and can also give your baby a skin rash! A good option in this case is to make the costume yourself, with the baby’s own clothes spruced up with various accessories!

The right attire for a Halloween party needs to be weather-proof in case of cold. It is also essential that you prepare for any rain. Don’t make the baby uncomfortable if it’s warm out, but do carry some layers, in case it gets chilly!

Your baby doesn’t necessarily have to be a ghost, witch or skeleton! A nice rabbit will do! Take some pink pyjama bottoms or a nice fuzzy bodysuit and let your imagination run free! Be as outlandish as you wish, but do remember this is your baby you’re dressing up! A white suit with added whiskers, ear and tail easily converts to a very cute bunny!

Ooh. Here’s a good idea! Why not get your own costume to match that of the baby? This way, you get to enjoy Halloween too! Be a family of bears or tigers, or if you’re going alone with your baby, be a mother kangaroo with your baby kangaroo in the pouch! Another classic idea: Go as a butterfly with your baby caterpillar!

Halloween baby costumes can take on any color, size or shape: your options are limitless! And no matter how you dress up your baby, take some pictures for a trip down memory lane!